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Ari Iaccarino (Co-Founder / Ridj-it)

My favorite business book is Marketing Outrageously by John Spoelstra, as he talks about his time being the Marketing Director for various sports teams and the philosophy of courage when it comes to even being a small company. We are not Coca-Cola - we don’t have the name they do, so why would we think investing money via social media or Google AdWords would ever bring us any results based on our mostly non-recognizable brand?

One quote in particular about this helps guide me along when a Google Account Manager tries to get us to purchase more ad credit: “If you run ads only to build identity, you’ve got a lot of cute little ads, but they’re very difficult to measure...However, if you ask the ad to build identity and buy now, then it’s easy to measure.” This idea is fairly fundamental now, but back in 2001 when he wrote the book and internet was starting to become a mainstream household item, that was a big deal. Be brave - and branding for the sake of branding is a waste of money for startups.

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Provides a real-world game plan for increasing your top line with marketing and promotion ideas that break through the clutter and get your customer's attention. This title includes 17 Ground Rules - tested and proven - in sports and business, that show how to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

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