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Frederick Townes (Co-founder / Placester)

Personal branding is a language that’s best learned via a guided journey. Read this book to master individual differentiation in the land of information overload we call the web.

Michael Brenner (CEO / Marketing Insider Group)

If you want to achieve success in your career on your own terms, you need to read this book.

Mark Roberge (CRO / Hubspot)

Seth and Barry have outlined a simple roadmap for building relationships and recognition in the digital age. This is a must read.

Jay Acunzo (Founder /

There are plenty of smart people and resources in this industry, but few think about the delivery and reader experience like Seth and Barry. If you're a believer in books that are both nutritious AND delicious, you're in luck.

Amazon description

You own a brand. Its name is your name.

You need to take ownership of it and earn recognition as an expert in your field. There's no simple shortcut. But now there's a remarkably useful roadmap featuring:

  • An A to Z guide packed with actionable advice for developing your personal brand and accelerating your professional success.
  • 26 practical lessons to help you whether you're an entrepreneur, business leader, aspiring professional, creative, marketer or second careerist
  • Insights from professionals who are reaping the rewards of recognition

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