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Andrew Zimmern (Chef, Co-creator / Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern)

If Brené Brown and Simon Sinek had a book baby together, you’re looking at it right now. Stop Making Sense is a new manual for learning true leadership. Fanuele’s set of simple principles that changed my life over the last quarter century will change yours in a matter of hours

Beth Comstock (Author / )

Michael Fanuele shows us how our passion and emotion will take us farther than our logic ever can. I can't convince you to read this book, but I guarantee you'll be inspired by doing so.

Andrew Essex (Co-founder, Plan A, Former CEO of Tribeca Enterprises / )

This is the book we need now: a blueprint for leading with heart, passion, and imagination. Fanuele is such a fun and generous storyteller you almost don't realize that he’s murdering so many small and cynical voices

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There are a million books that can inspire you.

This one will make you inspiring.

In this fun and provocative page-turner, Michael Fanuele, one of the world’s most successful marketing strategists, shares The Six Skills of Inspiration. With insights from music, politics, business, neuroscience, and a recipe for radishes, Stop Making Sense shares the creative blueprint that can unleash the inspiring leader in all of us.

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