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Von Sol Orwell empfohlene Bücher

Sol Orwell is an entrepreneur known for co-founding, the largest database on nutrition and supplement research.

Sol’s been building gaming-related websites and making money online for almost 20 years, since attending high school in Canada.

After finishing studying computer engineering at the University of Toronto, Sol sold several websites which made him able to “retire” and became a digital nomad, travelling the world for five years.

He returned to Toronto and bought the domain for around $40.000 and started developing it. He also bought and sold several other domains and websites, such as,, and, but claims he “was never good at [domains],” which is why he focused on business development.

In 2014, Sol was recognized as a Game Changer by Men’s Fitness and profiled by Forbes as a seven-figure entrepreneur.

Now, Sol stepped back from, describes himself as “semi-retired” (travelling around one quarter of the year), organizes events for charity, and writes about personal development on his blog.

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Books recommended by Sol Orwell: