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Javed Khatri, Mitbegründer und Chief Everything Officer bei Kustard, stellt Unternehmern eine punktgenaue Bücherliste zur Verfügung

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Javed Khatri is an Indian Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Kustard – a digital product and innovation studio based in Mumbai, specialized in building mobile solutions.

The term ‘Kustard’ means a sweet combination of various fruits – in this case, it is a combination of the best brains. The team behind Kustard is composed of “wizards” specialized in digital products and driven to find solutions to problems. They’ve worked with businesses at all levels, from early-stage startups to major brands, helping them innovate.

With studies in engineering, Javed has always had a strong inclination towards technology and entrepreneurship. He loves building simple, yet impactful digital products, using good design principles and best engineering practices.

Below you’ll find a list of the books that Javed recommends, the ones that helped him along his entrepreneurial path, why he’s taught himself to get out of his comfort zone as an introvert, how he copes with anxiety, and more.

P.S. Thanks, Darshan, for introducing us!

Was ist dein Lieblingsbuch und warum? Geschäftlich und nicht geschäftlich, wenn möglich.

The hard thing about hard things because it has helped me take lots of wise decisions at my company.

Nicht geschäftlich:
Hooked because it has helped me and my team at Kustard ship amazing digital products.

Gab es einen bestimmten Moment, in dem Ihnen etwas, das Sie in einem Buch gelesen haben, geholfen hat? Kannst du mir davon erzählen?

There is this book “Secrets of power negotiating“. It helped me close many deals by creating a win-win solution out of every negotiation so that all parties involved are happy at the end.

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Welche Bücher haben Sie am meisten beeindruckt? (vielleicht hat sich Ihre Sicht der Dinge verändert, Ihr Karriereweg dramatisch verändert)

Hooked had a huge impact on me. It has turned me into a better product guy, it has taught me how I can get into the minds of the end users and make them do what I want them to do (of course in a positive way). The book and the hook model itself is well researched, interesting and thought-provoking.

Welche Bücher würden Sie jungen Leuten empfehlen, die sich für Ihren beruflichen Weg interessieren? Wieso den? (keine Anzahl Begrenzung hier)

  • Hooked
  • Reason: If you want to learn how to build products that users love.

  • Das Schwierige an schwierigen Dingen
  • Reason: Running a company is mostly about taking the right decisions at the right time. This book will teach you that.

  • Null zu Eins
  • Reason: This book is written by Peter Thiel and I admire him a lot. I was always curious to know about his journey, he clearly presents his views on businesses and startups in this book.

  • Das schlanke Startup
  • Reason: This book teaches you how you can avoid spending time, money and energy on unnecessary things while you are building a company. Overall it helps you build a sustainable business in a lean way.

  • Sprint
  • Reason: This book details the “sprint” process used at Google Ventures. We follow a similar process at Kustard to validate business ideas and to solve problems without wasting much time, money and energy. If you want to quickly validate an idea, this is a proven model and a must read.

Ich bin daran interessiert, mehr über Ihre Lesegewohnheiten zu erfahren. Wie oft liest du? In welchem Format?

Normally, I read while I am traveling and on weekends. During weekdays I read a lot on

I prefer paper books over ebooks or audiobooks.

Wie nehmen Sie sich Zeit zum Lesen?

I read books when I want to take a break from work. Also, I prefer reading while I am traveling.

Machen Sie sich Notizen oder haben Sie eine andere Technik, um die Informationsflut zu bewältigen?

Yes, I create a list of key takeaways after I finish reading a chapter. In this way, I get a chance to skim through the entire chapter again and at the same time helps me capture important points.

Wie wählen Sie aus, welche Bücher Sie als nächstes lesen?

I create a queue of books to read. There are always at least 10 books in my pipeline. I usually discover new books through friends, clients and of course Amazon recommendations. And now it will be from The CEO Library as well. 🙂

Priorisieren Sie die Bücher, die von bestimmten Personen empfohlen werden? Gibt es jemanden, den Sie als Guru für Buchempfehlungen bezeichnen?

It all depends on what kind of content I want to read. Most of the times I prioritize books according to the situation that I am in, say for eg: if I am learning about growth hacking/sales I will read about books based on sales and other similar stuff. There’s no single book recommendation guru for me, normally I ask for recommendation from people whom I admire the most in their respective domains (tech, design, business, sales, marketing)

Welches Buch lesen Sie gerade und was versprechen Sie sich davon?

Currently, I am reading Predictable Revenue because I am actively working on refining/optimizing the sales process at Kustard.

You consider yourself to be an introvert. How do you cope with the pressure of interacting with other people in business purposes? I’m an introvert as well and this is something I’m personally struggling with – social interactions “eat” away a huge part of my energy – and many entrepreneurs are surely going through this as well.

I personally believe that a comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing substantial grows there. So I make sure that whatever I do, always I am out of my comfort zone. This has taught me a lot. After following this mantra for a long time, I have started observing recently that I am no longer an introvert, I think I have turned into an ambivert now. (I guess it’s time to update my bio on Instagram :D)

Did you have any backup plan in the early phase of your business?

The fact that job was always a backup plan made me stay calm during the initial 6 months when the business was not that great. I used to tell myself if this doesn’t work I will join a product based company, help them grow the company, make an impact and then again restart entrepreneurship.

What do you do when you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed?

When I am feeling anxious I try to distract myself by sleeping or reading or listening to music. There are certain things which are not under your control, the best you can do is to control yourself. But in situations when things are under my control, I always make sure I give my best shot and make the most out of it!

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