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Jose He, Chief Performance Officer von Bountie.io, wurde dank eines Buches zu einer starken, selbstbewussteren Person

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José Er is the Co-Founder and Chief Performance Officer of Bountie.io, and Founder of the pet technology startup Cuzzey.

You’re probably already familiar with Bountie from the previous interview we had with Lex Na, Bountie’s CEO (thank you for introducing us to Jose He!). Bountie is a platform for online gamers in Asia, dedicated to help them make a living while playing, and rewarding them in cryptocurrency.

At Bountie, Jose is in charge with the performance of the organization, orchestrating the company’s vision, and assisting the team to reach personal excellence. He is also to lead and communicate effectively with shareholders, employees, government authorities, stakeholders, public and media.

Jose has 10+ years of experience as a Senior Business Development Strategist and is the former executive chairman of Speaker & Trainer Association. He also excels in public speaking, after conducting courses on Change and Adaption Management, Mastering of Salesmanship & Showmanship, Positive Thinking, and others.

In 2016, at the age of 35, Jose wanted to get out of his comfort zone and jump into the pet industry. He joined the tech startup community as a petpreneur and founded Cuzzey, a social pets community that connects pet businesses / entrepreneurs with pet owners, providing a convenient way to shop online for pet services and supplies.

Find out what books pushed Jose He to start taking responsibility, helped him make better decisions, the ones that will provide the fundamentals for future entrepreneurs, and more.

Was ist dein Lieblingsbuch und warum? Geschäftlich und nicht geschäftlich, wenn möglich.

Never Give Up” – Jack Ma in his own words. The entire reason why Alibaba or Jack himself being so successful is beautifully captured entirely in the book.

Gab es einen bestimmten Moment, in dem Ihnen etwas, das Sie in einem Buch gelesen haben, geholfen hat? Kannst du mir davon erzählen?

Never Give Up, Jack Ma. I was completely moved and impressed by him and his team. The fact that they were adamant in overcoming all obstacles and negativities despite all odds were against them. They were relentless. I was facing many problems during my first startup. Reading up on the book allowed me to understand that my problems were not good enough to make me fail but giving up was.

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Welche Bücher haben Sie am meisten beeindruckt? (vielleicht hat sich Ihre Sicht der Dinge verändert, Ihr Karriereweg dramatisch verändert)

Think and Grow Rich. I was very much suffering from inferiority complex since young. I had low self-confidence and I was feeling bitter all the time. I was constantly asking myself, why was I not born rich? Why am I not perfectly handsome? Why am I not outspoken? Why don’t I have many friends and that I was popular? After reading Think and Grow Rich I was enlightened. I then understood that my past doesn’t represent my future and that others’ opinion of me doesn’t have to become my reality. I started taking full responsibility over my personal development and growth. Fast forward, I am utterly glad to have made the right decision.

Welche Bücher würden Sie jungen Leuten empfehlen, die sich für Ihren beruflichen Weg interessieren? Wieso den? (keine Anzahl Begrenzung hier)

I believe it takes tonnes of understanding, motivation, wisdom & competence to become an extremely successful entrepreneur. To reach that high level is tough, to remain at that level is even tougher. I reckon that these books should be able to provide a basic fundamental to young peeps on what to expect before deciding to hop on to join us as a tech startup.

Ich bin daran interessiert, mehr über Ihre Lesegewohnheiten zu erfahren. Wie oft liest du? In welchem Format?

I’m slow when it comes to reading. Usually, it will take 4-6 weeks to complete a book. Wait, is there even reading format?

Wie nehmen Sie sich Zeit zum Lesen?

During travels, break time, weekends & the final hour before I fall asleep. These are the many ways to complete a book haha.

Wie wählen Sie aus, welche Bücher Sie als nächstes lesen?

I follow my inspirations. So highly likely I follow what my idols do. By doing so I continue to stay relevant and motivated by these guys. Without a single doubt, I will be reading up on the next release of books from Elon Musk und Jeff Bezos themselves.

Priorisieren Sie die Bücher, die von bestimmten Personen empfohlen werden? Gibt es jemanden, den Sie als Guru für Buchempfehlungen bezeichnen?

I don’t really have a book-recommendations guru in mind. However, if my “idols” singled out to some specific books that are considered a “must-read”, for sure I will be grabbing them off the selves.

Letzte Frage: Welches Buch lesen Sie gerade und was versprechen Sie sich davon?

I’m now in the midst of reading Alibaba: The House That Jack Ma Built by Duncan Clark. So far Duncan did a fine job telling the story of Jack Ma, Chinese internet history, and Alibaba’s many highs and lows. I am really looking forward to receiving much new insights and inspirations through this book.

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