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Aaron Watson, CEO de PiperCreative, comparte su 'por qué' para leer

LibreOcupado es la forma más sencilla de programar automáticamente reuniones en zonas horarias y en múltiples grupos. ¡Haz clic aquí para averiguar por qué!.

You might know aarón watson thanks to the podcast he hosts and produces, Going Deep with Aaron. He’s also an entrepreneur, CEO and Co-Founder of an agency called Piper Creative, where he helps businesses with their branding through podcast and visual media production.

I’ve been listening to Aaron’s podcast for a while now and even reached out to some of his wonderful guests. He started it back in 2015, as a place for big ideas, business strategy, and honest conversations. His episodes are meaningful, deep conversations with entrepreneurs, writers, coaches and innovators who talk about their passions, fears and problems they face.

Aaron also hosts Going Deep Summit, a conference held once a year, where people from all walks of life mix it up – the next one will be on March 23rd, 2019.

He was a two-time national champion with the University of Pittsburgh’s ultimate frisbee team and captained the Pittsburgh Thunderbirds in 2015 and 2016.

When he’s not working or producing podcasts, he’s reading books and training. He frequently updates his Now page (inspired by Derek Sivers).

Discover the books that impressed Aaron the most and which company he thinks will soon take over the world. 🙂

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¿Cuál es tu libro favorito y por qué? Negocios y no negocios, si es posible.

Antifrágil by Nassim Taleb. There are so many foundational ideas and mental models in that book. I’ve never come across someone who read the whole book and argues that he’s not right about a lot of things.

The Triad (Fragile, Robust, Antifrágil), Naive Intervention and Iatrogenics, The Barbell Strategy, Optionality, and the Lindy Effect. I could go on, but you get the idea.

¿Hubo algún momento, específicamente, en que algo que leíste en un libro te ayudó? ¿Me puedes decir al respecto?

I was not particularly conformist as a teenager (and beyond). The Gospel According to Larry by Janet Tashjian played a large role in helping me understand how to get comfortable being different.

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¿Qué libros te impactaron más? (quizás cambió la forma en que ves las cosas, cambió drásticamente tu carrera profesional)

Antifrágil. Are questions #1 and #3 usually different?

What books would you recommend to youngsters interested in your professional path?

Me interesa saber más sobre sus hábitos de lectura. ¿Con qué frecuencia lees? ¿En qué formato?

I hate ebooks. I love the physical book in my hands. It’s just better. When I’m reading on a screen, it’s too easy to get distracted.

¿Cómo haces tiempo para leer?

Show up early to every meeting. Read books instead of Twitter. Try to read before bed.

¿Tomas notas o tienes alguna otra técnica para conquistar el torrente de información?

I make a new book recommendation every month and collect everything I’ve read for an end-of-year summary.

¿Cómo eliges qué libros leer a continuación?

Look at my pile of books and pick the one(s) that calls to me. You have to be excited to read the content. Without a why, I’ve got no shot of really focusing.

¿Priorizas los libros recomendados por determinadas personas? ¿Hay alguien a quien consideres un gurú de las recomendaciones de libros?

Zak Slayback reads good stuff. So does Mike Dariano. However, the real answer is usually pattern recognition.

I follow so many people who read and mention books they like that it’s hard to process all the recommendations. When 3-4 people all mention the same book, that’s usually a good clue to add it to my list of things to read. That list has 200+ titles and growing.

Última pregunta: ¿qué libro estás leyendo actualmente y qué esperas obtener de él?

The Everything Store by Brad Stone

Amazon is going to rule the world unless governments decide to break them up. It just makes sense to understand the most powerful company on the planet. Also, there is a (small) chance that Amazon sets up HQ2 in my hometown (Pittsburgh).

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