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Aviers Lim, CEO of GasHub, Has Evolved & Molded His Mindset with Every Book He Read

Aplicación de programación FreeBusy es la forma más sencilla de programe automáticamente reuniones en zonas horarias y en múltiples grupos. ¡Haz clic aquí para averiguar por qué!.

For the past 26 years, Aviers Lim has been the CEO and founder of GasHub, a Singapore-based energy company looking to provide a viable and integrated solution for increasing generation efficiency, reducing the utilities cost of the end user and making sure carbon emissions are substantially lower.

His business experience gathers knowledge related to biomass, renewable fuel, technology development, green energy fields and much more. Even more impressive is the fact he has an overall experience of more than 30 years in the gas piping and installation business, as he started off by working in the family business. His entrepreneurial spirit eventually led him to the founding of his own business.

In our interview, Aviers Lim wrote about the books he would recommend to others, what advice he would give to youngsters in search of their true passion, and how reading is a “mental retreat from the day’s work”.

¿Cuál es tu libro favorito y por qué? Negocios y no negocios, si es posible.

One Good Trade by Mike Bellafiore. Not exactly a business related book but to me the concepts and lessons highlighted within are highly relatable in the business world. These include the value of patience in striking at the right market timing and also reading the price tape which equates to understand the flow of the market your business is in in order to better deal with it and grow as a business.

¿Hubo algún momento, específicamente, en que algo que leíste en un libro te ayudó? ¿Me puedes decir al respecto?

It was when reading about standard oil and the Rockefeller family that it helped guide my thought towards directing our business model as such and to focus on Liquefied Natural Gas as our future.

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¿Qué libros te impactaron más? (quizás cambió la forma en que ves las cosas, cambió drásticamente tu carrera profesional)

In a small way, each and every book has various levels of impact on myself, moulding my mindset over time together with the evolution of my business which happened over a span of a couple of years.

¿Qué libros recomendarías a los jóvenes interesados en tu camino profesional? ¿Por qué? (sin límite de número aquí)

The above two to learn to take advantage of opportunities and constantly balance between growth + guaranteed success.

In addition to those 2, I would recommend biographies of Elon Musk y satya nadella.

Me interesa saber más sobre sus hábitos de lectura. ¿Con qué frecuencia lees? ¿En qué formato?

I try to set aside half an hour a day for reading. If there are no particular areas of interest at the moment I will go with the flow that the author has set.

¿Cómo haces tiempo para leer?

I usually regard reading as a mental retreat from the day’s work.

¿Tomas notas o tienes alguna otra técnica para conquistar el torrente de información?

Yes I do take notes when the information gets a bit overwhelming, however one important thing I do is to review and mentally summarise at the end of it in order to have a better overview of the information and also if possible categorise it.

¿Cómo eliges qué libros leer a continuación?

It is determined largely by the areas of interest relating to our business and also recommendations from friends and associates.

¿Priorizas los libros recomendados por determinadas personas? ¿Hay alguien a quien consideres un gurú de las recomendaciones de libros?

There are certain business associates I do look up to more in their book recommendations but none that I consider a book recommendations guru.

¿Qué libro estás leyendo actualmente y qué esperas obtener de él?

I am currently reading Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance, he is a visionary.

La mayoría de las personas exitosas dan el consejo “sigue tu pasión”. ¿Qué le recomendarías a alguien que es muy joven y aún no es consciente de su pasión? ¿Dónde deben comenzar su viaje profesional?

Be open to try out whatever comes your way. You may take a year or even 3 to find your passion, but at the end of it all you will definitely have gained a wealth of experience especially from different fields.

¿Tiene un ejemplo de un error que cometió mientras construía su negocio?

One thing I learned is that it is all about timing. Being the pioneer in the fuel cell industry within Singapore did not guarantee success as the market timing and conditions were not favourable, components were too costly, businesses were not ready to commit to green as readily as they are now. Thus the reason for our focus on the Liquefied Natural Gas sector together with the Government’s push for it and the global greener movement.

Do you have any models to separate the noise from the signal and make sure the decision you’re about to make is the right one? Even when you don’t have all the necessary facts.

I will first try to find out what others think of it and their reasons why in addition to my own research about it. But in the end it can only really be ascertained by trying it.

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