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Matthieu David-Experton, CEO & Founder of Daxue Consulting, Uses Books to Refresh His Mind

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Matthieu David-Experton is the co-Founder of Daxue Consulting, a China-focused professional consulting firm that offers strategic-driven research.

Created in late 2009 together with Zheng Jingwen, Daxue consulting has become a group with 12 divisions and offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

The name ‘Daxue’ is conveying 2 significations in Chinese: in modern Chinese, Daxue means University, but in old Chinese, the word Daxue was referring to one of the 4 books founding Confucianism.

Daxue Consulting has served more than 100 clients since inception, and has been widely quoted in media outlets including Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Yahoo Finance, Forbes, Technode, TechinAsia, Israeli press and Peking University Press, as well as on BFM Radio.

Matthieu has worked in finance, consulting, and as a General Manager for two start-up companies in Paris, Hong-Kong and China since 2008. He’s a graduate of ESSEC Business School Masters in Management (#2 business school in France and #5 in Europe), Peking University MBA in Beijing (ranked #1 in 2013 in China and #4 in Asia), and a bachelor of law.

He has also invested in or been part to several ventures in China and Europe.

This interview helped us discover a lot of interesting stuff about Matthieu’s tastes in reading. If you want to learn about the books that can shape your mindset for the future or help you exercise your responsibility, it’s a must-read!

P.S. Thanks, Thomas Graziani, for introducing us!

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¿Cuál es tu libro favorito y por qué? Negocios y no negocios, si es posible.

My favorite book is Meditations by Marcus-Aurelius. First, it is very universal as questions and thinking and it can reflect a lot of what one can go through in their life. Secondly, it is a book about responsibility and exercising your responsibility in the world when you have to care about people under you. I have read it several times since I was a teenager.

¿Hubo algún momento, específicamente, en que algo que leíste en un libro te ayudó? ¿Me puedes decir al respecto?

I read The Inevitable by Kevin Kelly and it gave me a lot more perspective on the future and how I can participate in the next big changes the world is going to go through. It is both a practical and conceptual book.

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¿Qué libros te impactaron más? (quizás cambió la forma en que ves las cosas, cambió drásticamente tu carrera profesional)

The Hard Thing About Hard Things has made me be aware that very admired entrepreneurs or people who are seen as very successful could have gone through very similar questions, courses of actions and troubles as young and small business owners.

¿Qué libros recomendarías a los jóvenes interesados en tu camino profesional? ¿Por qué? (sin límite de número aquí)

I would recommend the following ones:

About philosophy and more intellectual readings:

Me interesa saber más sobre sus hábitos de lectura. ¿Con qué frecuencia lees? ¿En qué formato?

Everyday: 30 min to 3 hours on Kindle or iPad with Kindle app. Mostly before sleeping. But I always have my Kindle with me to make sure I always have my library next to me when I have to wait for something or when I need to take a step back and refresh my mind. I usually read several books at the same time because each book has a specific influence on me and I may prefer to read poems at some periods of my life and day or more business books for other periods.

¿Cómo haces tiempo para leer?

Anytime when I have time, especially when I wait for something.

¿Tomas notas o tienes alguna otra técnica para conquistar el torrente de información?

I do take notes on my Kindle or Ipad directly and when they are important notes, I write them down on an iPhone note in a specific topic. But I try to memorize and use my memory as much as possible.

¿Cómo eliges qué libros leer a continuación?

I have various sources for books:
– podcasts I am listening to often refer to books. I am listening every single episode of Mixergy, the SaaS podcast, Master of Scales, How I built it by NPR and I listen frequently to Best of Tech & Startups.
– friends’ recommendations
– books referred in one book as sources

Última pregunta: ¿qué libro estás leyendo actualmente y qué esperas obtener de él?

Homo Deus as I read several books on what could happen in the future.

La Guerre des Intelligences about AI as I believe it is going to be a big thing.

Who? The method to hire A-Players. Very useful book on recruitment.

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