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larry david (Actor, writer, director, producer/Seinfeld)

Love this book. Like Seane herself, the message is direct, honest, funny, heartfelt, and filled with wisdom that can help all of us, except me, do better, be better, and work toward creating a healthier and more peaceful planet for all.

campo de salida (Actor, author)

Seane Corn took me by the hand and led me into so much more than a yoga practice. She guided me through my body, into my mind, and into an appreciation for the sound of breathing, the people around me, and for my own two feet. She is a gift.

glennon doyle (Founder/Together Rising)

Holy hell, do we need a worldwide love revolution! After reading Revolution of the Soul, I am more convinced than ever that we can have it: but only if we begin with ourselves. Revolution of the Soul is heart-wrenchingly vulnerable, relentlessly honest, and refreshingly hilarious. With every personal story, Seane wrangles the power of yoga down from the clouds and into our ordinary relationships, hardships, and bodies. Then she shows us how to use that power to heal ourselves and the world. Seane is a master teacher, one of my favorite human beings, and a hell of a writer. I am a better person for having read this book.

Naomi Watts (Actor, film producer)

This book is everything that Seane is as a teacher and person in life: authentic, raw, honest, irreverent, self-aware, and joyously inspirational. Revolution of the Soul is filled with humor, hope, and the direct transmissions of love, grace, and magic that you come to expect from Seane when you enter her class. If you know her work, on and off the mat, you will hear her powerful voice on every page and feel comforted by her guidance. For those of you who are being introduced to Seane’s work for the first time, you are in for a heart-opening, ass-kicking, and soul-stirring ride. Enjoy every moment. For it will blow your heart wide open, and invite you into a movement of inner and outer change that can heal this world toward peace.

Amazon descripción

Celebrated yoga teacher and activist Seane Corn shares pivotal accounts of her life with raw honesty―enriched with in-depth spiritual teachings―to help us heal, evolve, and change the world

“My first lessons in spirituality and yoga had nothing to do with a mat, but everything to do with waking up. They included angels, seeing God, and being in Heaven. But, believe me, not the way you might think.” So begins Revolution of the Soul.

What comes next reads like a riveting memoir filled with uncensored moments of joy, pain, wonder, and humor.

Except, this book is so much more than that.

Seane's real purpose is to guide us into a deep, gut-level understanding of our highest Self through yoga philosophy and other tools for emotional healing―not just as abstract ideas but as embodied, fully felt wisdom. Why? To spark a "revolution of the soul" in each of us, so we can awaken to our purpose and become true agents of change. Just a few of the stops along the way include:

The everyday "angels" Seane finds in the gritty corners of New York's 1980s East Village; her early struggles as a total yoga-class misfit; the profound shadow work and body-based practices that helped her to heal childhood trauma, OCD, unhealthy behaviors, and relationship wounding; hard-earned lessons from some of the most heartbreaking places on the planet; and many other unforgettable teaching stories.

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