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Irina Botana (Socio Gerente y Co-Fundador/Bucur's Shelter Hostel)

Somewhere at the border between business and non-business I’ll place The Diamond Cutter by Michael Roach, a collection of empowering strategies for personal and professional life gathered from the contemporary wisdom of Tibetan Buddhism.

molinos de alden (CEO/Perfect Fitness, Navy SEAL, autor)

The Diamond Cutter aids me in how to best direct my actions strategically. I cannot stress enough the profound impact "The Diamond Cutter" has made on me. You must be open to it, but the power of what is taught in this book is truly life-changing. The Diamond Cutter helped me see clearly; it helped me understand the real connection between my success and my effort. I often thought, "gee, I got lucky with x decision or y product," but in fact, I had taken a series of actions that helped me "get lucky." I learned that my success is correlated with the actions of giving myself without expectation of return.

I retrospected my life's experiences and mapped out every time I gave to a cause, and found that when I gave with all my heart –when I went all-in – I would find unusual amounts of success shortly after that. I used to think it was coincidental. Now I realize these actions are connected. Here's the best part, I feel more fulfilled and happy than I ever have been, because now I don't skirt giving my time, I seek it out with a passion.

Finally, The Diamond Cutter takes you on a journey about the interconnectedness of our actions in the universe we live in. The first four are all about creating habits to help you lead yourself, which in turn enables you to build and lead teams to make a difference in the world. The final book wraps it all together to remind you that your actions matter – all of them – and they can help or hinder you on your journey. Enjoy!

Amazon descripción

With a unique combination of ancient and contemporary wisdom from Tibetan Buddhism, THE DIAMOND CUTTER presents readers with empowering strategies for success in their personal and professional lives. The book is presented in three layers. The first is a translation of The Diamond Sutra, an ancient text of conversations between the Buddha and his close disciple, Subhuti. The second contains quotes from some of the best commentaries in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. And the third layer, the main text, is the practical application of Buddhist philosophies to the world of business, based upon Geshe Michael Roach's seventeen-years of experience as an employee of the Andin International Diamond Corporation, a company that grew during his tenure from four employees to a world leader in the jewelry industry.

Roach’s easy style and spiritual understanding make THE DIAMOND CUTTER an invaluable source of timeless wisdom for those familiar or unfamiliar with Tibetan Buddhism. His focus on practical personal and business applications has resonated with and changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals the world over since its original publication.

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