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John Shea, Owner of No Shame Income Blog, Learned to Prioritize in Business Thanks to Books

Application de planification FreeBusy est le moyen le plus simple de programmez automatiquement des réunions sur plusieurs fuseaux horaires et sur plusieurs groupes. Cliquez ici pour découvrir pourquoi!.

Jean Shea is the creator of No Shame Income, a blog where he teaches people how to make money online, in an honest and transparent way.

More than 5 years ago, John started learning more about making money online, in order to become financially free. He experimented with different monetization methods, from affiliate to SEO, social media, podcasting, and more. Some things worked, others failed, but he shared everything along the way.

No Shame Income, the blog he created, is his home base, where he keeps people up to date on what he’s working on in order to make money online.

One of his main sources of income is from selling online courses (he has over 40 courses and +80,000 students on Udemy) and creating products that help solve specific problems. John also works with local businesses, helping them with online marketing services.

From our talk you’ll find out more about John’s reading habits and favorite books, the ones that led him to “wow” moments and helped him realize the trap he was caught in.

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Quel est votre livre préféré et pourquoi ? Entreprises et non-entreprises, si possible.

Currently my favorite book is The Magic Of Thinking Big, this was a recommendation by one of my first mentors and the book always resonated with me as a personal development book to want to dream big and do bigger things with my life.

In terms of a business book I’d have to say Essentialism the Disciplined Pursuit Of Less is my favorite, it really helped me realize the trap I was in of going down a path of doing too many things and taking on so many projects at once.

Y a-t-il eu un moment, précisément, où quelque chose que vous avez lu dans un livre vous a aidé ? Pouvez-vous m'en parler?

In the Essentialism book I really had a “wow” moment when I realized I was taking on lots of new opportunities that while on the surface seemed like a good idea, I found myself spinning my wheels trying to do too many things at once. This book helped me see that this was a huge problem.

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Quels livres vous ont le plus marqué ? (peut-être changé votre façon de voir les choses, radicalement changé votre cheminement de carrière)

I’d say the same 2 books, I also really enjoyed reading The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson.

Quels livres conseilleriez-vous aux jeunes intéressés par votre parcours professionnel ? Pourquoi? (pas de limite de nombre ici)

One that I’m reading right now that I haven’t finished yet is Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson. The reason being is this book really emphasizes the idea that anyone can teach someone else how to accomplish something and make money doing it.

Comment gagner du temps pour lire ?

I try to do it at night during the week but it’s definitely been something I’ve wanted to get better at by doing it more consistently.

Prenez-vous des notes ou avez-vous une autre technique pour conquérir le torrent d'informations ?

I typically make quick notes and to-do lists with an application called Nozbe, if I find something I want to take action on I make a note of it there and make it happen.

Comment choisissez-vous les livres à lire ensuite ?

I honestly don’t have a good system for this, if I see something I like I’ll just pick it up and read it.

Priorisez-vous les livres recommandés par certaines personnes ? Y a-t-il quelqu'un que vous considérez comme un gourou des recommandations de livres ?

I don’t really, lots of people recommend books to read so it’s hard to pick and choose sometimes.

Dernière question : quel livre lisez-vous actuellement et qu'espérez-vous en retirer ?

I’m currently reading FU Money by Dan Lok and Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson. I’d say overall just gaining more confidence in what it is I’m already working towards.

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