One of the coolest things about building The CEO Library is that we get the chance to talk to a lot of interesting people in different fields of activities about interviews. Entrepreneurs, startup founders, executives, people passionate about they do, they share their favorite books, what they learned from them and talk to us about their reading habits.

So if you’re not sure what book to read next or you’re struggling to find time to read, this could be a great starting point.

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Gabriel Coarnă

Founder of Readable

Mircea Scarlatescu

Founder of

Mădălina Uceanu

Founder of Career Advisor

Foti Panagio

Founder of

Vladimir Oane

Co-Founder of Deepstash, UberVU

Bogdan Iordache

Co-Founder of How to Web and TechHub Bucharest

Dragoș Novac

Manager of Nordic9

David Sisk

Owner of David Sisk Fitness

Bogdana Butnar

Head of Strategy at Poke

Alina Vârlănuță

Author and Copywriter at Jazz Communication agency

Robert Hajnal

Founder of Trail Runing Academy

Ovidiu Drugan

Founder of Set Sail Nautic School

Deepak Chhugani

Founder of The Lobby

Nick Janetakis

Self-Taught Full Stack Web Developer and Teacher

Andra Zaharia

Freelance Content Marketer at The Content Habit

Michael Hebenstreit

Founder of MH Themes

Robert Katai

Content Strategist at Bannersnack

Michal Ptacek

Founder of Officelovin`

Gary Bury

Co-Founder of Timetastic

Tracy Osborn

Founder of WeddingLovely and Author of Hello Web Apps

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