One of the coolest things about building The CEO Library is that we get the chance to talk to a lot of interesting people in different fields of activities about interviews. Entrepreneurs, startup founders, executives, people passionate about they do, they share their favorite books, what they learned from them and talk to us about their reading habits.

So if you’re not sure what book to read next or you’re struggling to find time to read, this could be a great starting point.

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Joan Boixados

Founder of everydayCheck

Ashley Hathaway

Senior Product Manager at Pivotal

Angela Pham

Content Strategist at Facebook

Ed Vinicombe

Co-Founder of

Bill Liao

General Partner at RebelBio,

Ionut Danifeld

Co-Founder of DevMark

James Murphy

Marketing Manager at Live Nation

Henry Medine

Co-Founder of Space Jam Data

Dave Child

Founder of

Leah Lizarondo

Co-Founder of 412 Food Rescue

Mehdi Kajbaf

Co-Founder, Marketing Matboard and More

Radu Marcusu

CEO at Upswing

Bernard Tan

Founder of ReCactus

Sanja Zepan

Co-Founder of Homey

Steve Benjamins

Founder of Site Builder Report

Nicolas Jouvenceau

CEO of PINK Diamonds Boutique

Neal O`Gorman

Serial Entrepreneur

Irina Botnari

Managing Partner, Co-Founder of Bucur`s Shelter Hostel

Scott Perry

Stoic Guitarist, Teacher, Author

Jessica Lauria and Karen Pfaff Manganillo

Creators of Another Fucking Tote

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