Livre é a maneira mais simples de agendar reuniões automaticamente em fusos horários e em vários grupos. Clique aqui para saber o porquê!.

Christopher Lochhead, Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur and Podcast Host Who Reads and Listens at the Same Time

Livre é a maneira mais simples de agendar reuniões automaticamente em fusos horários e em vários grupos. Clique aqui para saber o porquê!.

Christopher Lochhead is a top marketing executive, investor, author and podcast host.

He started his first company when he was 18 and by 30 he was the Chief Marketing Officer at Mercury Interactive, a software company acquired by HP in 2006 for $4.5 billion. Besides his work as a marketing executive, he has also been an investor and advisor in more than 50 Silicon Valley startups.

Considering all these, of course we were curious in finding more about his reading habits, especially since using his experience both in entrepreneurship and marketing, Christopher co-authored Play Bigger: How Pirates, Dreamers, and Innovators Create and Dominate Markets, a book about category design. By analyzing giants like Amazon, Uber or IKEA, the book helps to understand how these companies managed to create new demand where none existed.

Starting with 2017, he began hosting the Legends and Losers podcast, where he interviews all sorts of successful people such as Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, marketers, Super Bowl champions or best selling authors. Following the success of this podcast, he also started another one, 6 Minutes of Legendary, which combines real conversations from the Legends and Losers podcast with special effects and music in a way that “moves people”.

So keep reading if you want to learn how Christopher reads and listens at the same time, what books had the biggest impact on him and what books he recommends to people interested especially in marketing and category design.

Qual é o seu livro favorito e por quê? Negócios e não-negócios, se possível.

Business: “Ogilvy on Advertising” by David Ogilvy

This is a business classic. Ogilvy lays down principles that are timeless and his no-BS style made a big impact on me as a young man.

Non-Business: “Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah” by Richard Bach

Richard Bach is an American Treasure who dishes out powerful life-changing lessons in the most endearing way.

Houve um momento, especificamente, em que algo que você leu em um livro o ajudou? Você pode me falar sobre isso?

As a young kid coming up in the technology industry, Geoffrey Moore’s “Atravessando o abismo” helped me understand the evolution of market categories. I was able to apply his insights directly in my career and I’m grateful to him for that.

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Quais livros tiveram o maior impacto em você? (talvez mudou a maneira como você vê as coisas, mudou drasticamente sua carreira)

What five books would you recommend to youngsters interested in your professional path? Why? (no number limit here)

I know this is sounds self-serving but I’d recommended both of my books, the soon to be released,

  • “Niche Down: How to Become Legendary by Being Different”


In addition:

Tell us more about your reading habits. How often do you read? What format do you prefer? Do you take notes or anything?

I read every day. I like audio books and physical books. Because I’m dyslexic, I often listen and read at the same time. I consume ebooks when traveling.

As for notes, yes, I make notes in the book. I use postedits in the book.

Como arranja tempo para a leitura?

I just do!

And I listen to books when doing other things like driving, walking, working in the garden.

Como você escolhe quais livros ler a seguir?

Mostly recommendations from friends. And I prioritize my author friends. Also, we have many authors on our podcast, so I read their books.

Última pergunta: que livro você está lendo atualmente e o que você espera ganhar com isso?

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