Livre é a maneira mais simples de agendar reuniões automaticamente em fusos horários e em vários grupos. Clique aqui para saber o porquê!.

Darren Chua, cofundador e CEO da Markedshot, sobre os livros que contribuíram para seus aprendizados

Livre é a maneira mais simples de agendar reuniões automaticamente em fusos horários e em vários grupos. Clique aqui para saber o porquê!.

Darren Chua is an entrepreneur on a quest to enable photographers to be rewarded for their work.

Together with his friend Nur Iman Izam Bin Othman, he co-founded Markedshot, a user-generated content platform that enables brands to crowdsource photos, and reward consumers and fans.

Through Markedshot, businesses can drive powerful campaigns with content that’s authentic, local, and proven to engage. They can purchase these custom photos directly from their customers or Markedshot’s pool of 100,000 active photographers, and build their custom marketing library at the same time.

Markedshot started as an MVP and attracted thousands of users in its first three month of launch. The startup is now invested by Mediacorp & Jireh Group, supported by AppWorks Taiwan & NUS Enterprise.

Darren always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but preferred not to rush things just for the sake of it. That’s why he first gained experience working and consulting in China, Taiwan and Singapore, getting exposed to every aspect of the business, from logistics to manufacturing, growing new markets etc.

Keep on reading to find out more about the books that contributed to his learning, whose lessons inspired him to seek experiences and advice beyond the typical school system, and what book determined him to be an entrepreneur.

Qual é o seu livro favorito e por quê? Negócios e não-negócios, se possível.

The first book that inspired me was actually Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. I read the book when I was 12 and provided me with another perception of school and money. It was a good starting point for me to reconsider everything that was taught in school. School does not prepare us for life after graduation. Robert’s lessons inspired me to seek experiences and advice beyond the typical school system.

The other books that contributed to my learnings are “How to win friends and influence people”, “A startup enxuta”; “The 7 habits of highly effective people” – I’m sure you have gotten much responses regarding those books and how much they have helped managers/CEOs/entrepreneurs.

The lessons from these books were very critical in providing me a direction. They don’t often provide clear answers on how to create a successful business, but what they teach are the principles and techniques to run one.

On the fiction side of books, I am a fan of Jeffrey Archer books. I have read every single one of his books. I love how he enables me to enter a whole new world and I love his style of storytelling.

Houve um momento, especificamente, em que algo que você leu em um livro o ajudou? Você pode me falar sobre isso?

Definitely. There were numerous moments of epiphany and enlightenment. I was seeking lessons in leadership and motivating people. Lessons from what I read helped me apply them to real world locations and in building real and sincere relationships instantly with people I just met.

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Quais livros tiveram o maior impacto em você? (talvez mudou a maneira como você vê as coisas, mudou drasticamente sua carreira)

I would say Rich Dad Poor Dad. It threw me out of my comfort zone and led me to ask questions that I never knew possible. Does good grades means success in life? Especially in my country, Singapore, much emphasis is placed on grades/education level/type of degrees. From a young age, our future is determined by grades and career path. Very often, you will hear parents in Singapore telling their kids, “ If your grades are low, how do you expect to earn big money? Do you want to be trash collector? “

I lost interest in school and only did well knowing that it was prerequisite to “having doors opened” / opportunities in Singapore.

I was determined to be an entrepreneur right after reading that book. It further allowed me to seek other opinions and lessons from successful people.

Que livros recomendaria a jovens interessados no seu percurso profissional? Por quê? (sem limite de número aqui)

How to win friends and influence people
Lean Startup
The power of habit
7 habits of highly effective people
The hard things about hard things
Blue Ocean strategy
Rich Dad series
Who moved my cheese

Estou interessado em saber mais sobre seus hábitos de leitura. quantas vezes você leu? Em que formato?

I am quite embarrassed to answer this question. Lately, I have not been doing enough reading on books.

However, I do subscribe to blogs/feeds/articles where I spend a few moments each day reading while commuting. These bite size articles and information are supplement to my lack of reading these days.

I usually read on my digital devices.

Como arranja tempo para a leitura?

I often read in between breaks or while commuting.

Você faz anotações ou tem alguma outra técnica para conquistar a torrente de informações?

Yes. Note taking is very important. Usually after understanding a concept, I will write it down in my own words, in my own context. I usually write in short point sentences in my notes app whereby I can refer to them at any time.

Como você escolhe quais livros ler a seguir?

I am usually referred to them by my mentors who are avid readers.

Do you prioritize those recommended by certain people? Is there anyone that you consider a book-recommendations guru?

I would usually read those highly recommended by my mentor. He is a business owner and he reads plenty of business/self-help/health books.

Última pergunta: que livro você está lendo atualmente e o que você espera ganhar com isso?

I am hoping to pick up on where I left off for “The hard things about hard things”. Ben Horowitz is brutally honest and the lessons are very much applicable to my current startup.

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