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One of the coolest things about building The CEO Library is that we get the chance to talk to a lot of interesting people in different fields of activities about books. Entrepreneurs, startup founders, executives, people passionate about they do, they share their favorite books, what they learned from them and talk to us about their reading habits.

So if you’re not sure what book to read next or you’re struggling to find time to read, this could be a great starting point.

If you are an agency or publisher working on behalf of your client, you are probably interested in our “Sponsored Interviews”.

Most recent interviews

Bogdan Savonea

CEO / TPS Envolvimento

Laurenţiu-Victor Bălaşa

CEO da Underline

Corneliu Bodea

CEO da Adrem

Gennady Batrakov

Fundador do BubblesPlanner, StriveChat e Blogely

Dmitry Dragilev

Fundador: Just Reach Out & PR que converte

Jeremy Boudinet

Marketing Manager at Nextiva

Brian Burkhart

Founder at SquarePlanet

Sa El

Co-Founder of Simply Insurance

Maya Zlatanova

Co-founder & CEO at FindMeCure

Daniel Buttner

CEO & Co-Founder of Lofelt