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Mark Struczewski, Host of The Mark Struczewski Podcast, Talks about the Author that Made Him Dream Big

Aplicativo de agendamento FreeBusy é a maneira mais simples de agende reuniões automaticamente em fusos horários e em vários grupos. Clique aqui para saber o porquê!.

Mark ‘Ski’ Struczewski is a Productivity Problem Solver. He is a productivity and time management specialist, speaker, author, trainer, and workshop facilitator who helps entrepreneurs, corporations, small businesses and individuals take their productivity to the next level.

His passion is to teach people how to become productive and watching them achieve their goals. He’s a strong believer that no matter who you are, what you do, or where you are, anyone can improve their productivity. Mark’s obsession is to help the world become a more productive place…one person at a time.

Besides his work as a trainer and speaker, Mark is also the host of The Mark Struczewski Podcast, a productivity-themed podcast and also the the author of two books, How to Overcome Roadblocks on the Path to Your Success in 2014 and A Succès Fou Life: What It Is And How You Can Live It in 2011.

So keep on reading if you want to find out what book made Mark realize he was dreaming far too low and how he manages to read being blind in his left eye. And by the way, if you’re struggling to pronounce Mark’s name, that’s “Stru Chess Skee”.

Qual é o seu livro favorito e por quê? Negócios e não-negócios, se possível.

My favorite book which could be read for business as well as non-business reasons is the Bible. I read it every morning as part of my morning routine. Other books that I highly recommend is Grant Cardone’s “The 10X Rule” and Tony Robbins’ “Awaken the Giant Within“.

Houve um momento, especificamente, em que algo que você leu em um livro o ajudou? Você pode me falar sobre isso?

YES! I love what Grant Cardone writes in The 10X Rule, “wouldn’t coming up short on a 10X target accomplish more than coming up short on one-tenth of that goal?” In other words, he says it’s better to fall short of a one million dollar goal than a $100,000 goal.

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Quais livros tiveram o maior impacto em você? (talvez mudou a maneira como você vê as coisas, mudou drasticamente sua carreira)

Grant Cardone: The 10X Rule, Sell or Be Sold, If You’re Not First You’re Last e Seja obcecado ou seja mediano. Grant is the real deal. He helped me realize that I’ve been dreaming far too low!

What five books would you recommend to youngsters interested in your professional path? Why? (no number limit here)

Grant Cardone: The 10X Rule e Seja obcecado ou seja mediano; Tony Robbins: Awaken the Giant Within; Mel Robbins: A Regra dos 5 Segundos; and Maxwell Maltz: The New Psycho-Cybernetics. These books will encourage you but more than that EQUIP you to win!

Can you tell us more about your reading habits? How do you make time for reading?

I don’t read nearly as much as I would like but I always read for a minimum of 30 minutes a day. Good days are an hour plus but I do have a business to build and a podcast to do so there’s that. I prefer ebooks on my iPad because being able to only see out of one eye, I need the ability to make the font larger and to inverse the screen at bedtime (white lettering on a black screen).

And how do I make time for reading? Schedule it! Rarely will I find time to read if I don’t.

Você faz anotações ou tem alguma outra técnica para conquistar a torrente de informações?

I highlight extensively. And when I am re-reading an ebook, I will use a different highlight color each time I re-read a book. Things that really affect me will be added to my Day One journaling app and even shared on social media.

How do you choose what books to read next? Do you prioritize the books recommended by certain people?

I choose books based on recommendations from people mainly. Right now, I am big on Grant Cardone as I’m sure you can tell. I prioritize books written by successful people. I want to find out how they got to where they are.

Última pergunta: que livro você está lendo atualmente e o que você espera ganhar com isso?

Book? Ha! I’m not reading one book right now. That’s crazy. LOL. Right now, I am re-reading Tony Robbins’ “Awaken the Giant Within” as part of my morning routine, I’m re-reading Grant Cardone’s “Sell or Be Sold” and, yep, there’s more, I’m reading Dr. Michael Oren’s “Six Day War“. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to do all the reading I want AND run my business.

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