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Seth Louey, Co-Founder of BotList, on Books, Tech Trends and Lessons Learned Reading

Aplicativo de agendamento FreeBusy é a maneira mais simples de agende reuniões automaticamente em fusos horários e em vários grupos. Clique aqui para saber o porquê!.

Seth Louey is an entrepreneur based in Texas, CEO and Co-Founder of BotList, the only cross-platform app store for bots.

BotList is helping people discover bots that can make their life easier, while also growing, educating, and driving the entire bot ecosystem to the mainstream.

Seth comes from a background in design, front-end development, and always loved creating products. He designed community products for a variety of large video game and entertainment companies, such as Riot Games, Epic Games, Warner Bros, etc.

He founded BotList in 2016, together with Mubashar Iqbal (Mubs) and Ben Tossell. In the same year, Seth was nominated for Product Hunt’s Maker of the Year award (it was actually won by his business partner, Mubashar).

From our book-talk you’ll find out what books had an impact on him, what he learned from them, how he’s applying that knowledge into building BotList, his first startup, and the books he’d recommend to the younger generation.

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Qual é o seu livro favorito e por quê? Negócios e não-negócios, se possível.

I love the book, “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek. It’s one of the most influential books that has changed how I perceive business and selling products. I recently picked up “A startup enxuta” by Eric Ries which I’m hoping to apply some of the tactics to my startup, BotList.

A non-business book that I always read at least once every few years is “O Alquimista” by Paulo Coelho. It’s truly helped me to become a better person mentally and spiritually.

Houve um momento, especificamente, em que algo que você leu em um livro o ajudou? Você pode me falar sobre isso?

There have been many moments. I can’t really pick just one, but collectively over the years, the lessons that I learned have helped me with my career. From looking at products with a different perspective to being patient and looking at the signs. Books and the knowledge in them are extremely powerful if you know how to apply it.

Quais livros tiveram o maior impacto em você? (talvez mudou a maneira como você vê as coisas, mudou drasticamente sua carreira)

Start with Why probably had the biggest impact on me. I don’t want to just create an app store for bots with BotList and I need to convey that with the “Why”. I want to BotList to be the future of automated computing and making lives easier for everyday users. There are so many wasted hours with social media and current technology. If we can provide a way for users to find bots that help them break away from technology and live in the moment… then that’s why we build BotList.

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Que livros recomendaria a jovens interessados no seu percurso profissional? Por quê? (sem limite de número aqui)

Great question. I believe that younger generations should focus on what they are passionate about. We are seeing a trend in tech where working remote, using your personal brand to grow your products, and funding through blockchain technology is the new way of creating startups. So I would read up on A startup enxuta, anything by Gary Vee, Artificial Intelligence, and biography/philosophy of Elon Musk, Warren Buffett, e Steve Jobs.

Estou interessado em saber mais sobre seus hábitos de leitura. quantas vezes você leu? Em que formato?

I’ve reduced my reading as of late, but starting to realize that compounding education on a daily basis is key to success. Warren Buffet reads 5-6 hours per day and that education/knowledge compounds over time. I actually use audiobooks when I’m commuting, digital during the night or in bed, and physical during the day.

Como arranja tempo para a leitura?

It’s very difficult to do when running a startup, but there is always time during the day. You just have to prioritize. Most people end up watching Netflix or play video games, but that content never benefits you. I try to consume content that is going to benefit me in the long term. Education and reading is content that pays off.

Você faz anotações ou tem alguma outra técnica para conquistar a torrente de informações?

If it is digital, I take notes via my iPad or iPhone, but physical books get the highlighter. 🙂

Como você escolhe quais livros ler a seguir?

Generally I just reach out on Twitter or within my network. There is this awesome resource by my good friend and business partner, Mubashar Iqbal, that you can check out as well.

Você prioriza aqueles recomendados por certas pessoas? Existe alguém que você considera um guru de recomendações de livros?

Not really. I think that everyone has their own priorities when consuming knowledge. So I try to be as broad as I can with the recommendations.

Última pergunta: que livro você está lendo atualmente e o que você espera ganhar com isso?

Currently reading “A startup enxuta” by Eric Ries. I’m hoping to gain some knowledge on how to be successful with my startup, BotList.

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