Sponsored Interviews

What are Sponsored Interviews?

Sponsored interviews are paid for interviews, available for:

  • agencies/publishers working on behalf of clients and wishing to promote their work
  • authors wanting to promote their books

This is what you pay for when you choose a sponsored interview:

  • specific publishing date (set up together with the agency/publisher)
  • similar interview to the ones we reach out to people for, with one added question related to the project/book you want to promote
  • a direct (“nofollow”) link to your project/book
  • shoutout about the interview on our Instagram account (+20,200 followers) on the publishing day of the interview on The CEO Library (see example here)
  • Instagram story with link
  • mention about the interview to our email list subscribers (over 4000 subscribers) – the first weekly email following the publishing date on The CEO Library
  • shoutout about the interview on our Facebook page on the publishing day of the interview on The CEO Library


  • all links in the interview are “nofollow” links
  • the interview will be clearly marked “Sponsored” at the end of the article
  • we don’t guarantee any number of pageviews/referral traffic/sales

If you want more details, including pricing, contact us at [email protected].

We do not accept all sponsored interviews requests. Once we decide the interview is a good addition to our site, we go through with the actual interview and payment.