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4 non-fiction books coming out in May 2019 that are on our reading list

May 08, 2019 | Posted by Cristina in Articles

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Hey, guys!

What you’ll see below is a list of non-fiction books coming out this month (May 2019), just in case you want to keep up with the new releases.

However, I don’t claim this is the BEST list of books that will be out in May, or the ultimate list, or the most complete list. I’m sure there are many other interesting non-fiction books coming out this month, on topics related to entrepreneurship, leadership and personal development and so on.

This is just a personal list of books that have been on my radar for a while. I haven’t bought or read any of them – at least not yet.

I’m only writing about why these caught my attention, why I decided to add them to my reading list – they’re probably written by authors I’ve read before, or recommended by people I look up to, I might have discovered them through various newsletters or on social media.

I usually buy books two or three times per year, in batches. Whether I end up reading them or not is a completely different topic. I do hope that this form of curation can be helpful to others reading this!

So check them out and maybe add them to your reading list as well. Oh, and if you do happen to read them, drop by afterwards and let me know what your thoughts are (just use the comments form below 🙂 ).

1. Everything is Fucked, by Mark Manson (out on May 14)

This is Mark Manson’s second book, after the international best-seller “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck“, and yes, it’s sort of a follow-up. More mature, as he self-describes it. It follows many of the same themes, while diving deep into how we interact with the world at large, in other contexts, such as religion, morality, politics or social media.

Media strategist and author Ryan Holiday, James Clear (author of Atomic Habits), Nir Eyal (author of Hooked) and Eric Barker (author of Barking Up the Wrong Tree) are just a few of the extremely smart people who recommend this book. For example, here’s what Shane Parrish, founder of Farnam Street, says about it:

While we’re all afraid of the evils in the world, Mark Manson shows us how to avoid the dark side in ourselves. A witty and enlightening book that we all need to read before throwing in the towel.

2. Breathe to Succeed, by Sandy Abrams (out on May 1)

If you’re an ambitious type-A person, but always feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information and technology, if you’re distracted and find your attention span to be dropping, if you feel addicted to social media, anxious and with low energy, this book comes with one potential solution: breathing. More precisely, how to master breathing techniques in order to become more mindful, calm, and gain clarity.

Arianna Huffington is just one of the entrepreneurs who recommend this book, here’s what she has to say about it:

Science has validated the power of breathing and mindfulness to enhance our well-being. Sandy Abrams’ advice is a simple but incredibly effective way to make mindfulness a part of your life and help you thrive in our always-on world.

3. Range, by David Epstein (out on May 29)

You’re probably familiar with David Epstein’s work thanks to “The Sports Gene” book, where he debunks the 10,000 hours-rule and other myths about how and why humans excel, how much it’s nature versus nurture.

In his new book, he talks about why those are the best in their fields, the most successful athletes, creatives, scientists and inventors, aren’t specialists. Instead, it’s the generalists who find their path late in life and succeed. Because they’re taking detours, failing and experimenting relentlessly, they’re also more creative and that’s what helps them make new connections and be more inventive.

My coach Andrei and I were recently discussing about this. Because I’m more attracted to the process of learning than the outcome itself, I’ve juggled in the past with multiple fields, from journalism and blogging to working with indie artists, educating customers for cyber security startups, creating and coordinating influencers campaigns for Forbes 500 companies, and now building The CEO Library. This goes against a lot of public advice, that recommends people to go deep, focus and specialize on a single field. However, there’s a unique thread that links everything I’ve done before. 😀

Going back to the book, Malcolm Gladwell himself recommends it: “In a world that’s increasingly obsessed with specialization, star science writer David Epstein is here to convince you that the future may belong to generalists. It’s a captivating read that will leave you questioning the next steps in your career—and the way you raise your children.

4. You’re not broke, You’re pre-reach, by Emilie Bellet (out on May 30)

Emilie Bellet is the CEO and founder of Vestpod, a company focused on educating women how to manage their wealth. Emilie’s experience is in finance: she formerly worked in private equity, and launched Vestpod to chance the conversation about money and empower women financially. Her book can help you reach financial freedom by debunking financial jargon, breaking the money taboo, teaching you how to invest and also save money.

If you’re not sure if this book is for you, you can start by reading this recent article that Emilie wrote in Financial Times: ‘What women can teach us about investing‘.

I found out about her work thanks to Nicolas Colin’s newsletter – Colin is the co-founder of The Family, a pan-European accelerator, and author of HEDGE, one of the best books about the entrepreneurial age and future of work).

Any other interesting non-fiction reads coming in May 2019?

p.s. check out here a similar list I made for April 2019.

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