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Julia Pimsleur (Founder/Little Pim)

Finally, a book that tells you how to put up a velvet rope in front of your business and get more of the clients you want and deserve! Whether you're building a services business or a personal brand, this book provides a roadmap to making bank, in a smart and authentic way. Pia is a total pro (and a laugh riot). I can't wait to recommend this book to every entrepreneur who feels stuck. Pia got unstuck, and so can you.

Diane Diresta (Founder/Diresta Communications)

Badass Your Brand gives the reader in-your-face strategies to stand out, build your brand, and be more profitable. Full of creative ideas, Pia shares her journey from debt to success as she discovered how to be a badass by thinking differently, pricing differently, and designing the life of her dreams.. This is the one book every start-up or seasoned entrepreneur must read.

David J. Dunworth (Founder/Marketing Partners LLC)

Pia has struck the perfect chord for small business owners, or those attempting to market themselves. I was so impressed by this Badass Brands book, I plan to re-brand my own business. As a marketing agency, we're all vanilla, even the specialty firms like mine. Her 4-legged approach is perfectly laid out, understandable and interest-peaking. Following this format can definitely separate the porcupines from the fish. I love everything about Badass Brands and can't wait to be one.

B. Jeffrey Madoff (Founder/Madoff Productions)

Full disclosure: Pia and I have spoken at events together. Her book is like hearing her speak; candid, funny, and badass. She learned by doing, by making mistakes, which gives her an understanding and empathy for the struggles businesses go through. To read her book is to spend time with her. It's fun, informative and insightful. You'll like her. You'll like her book because like her, it's authentic. It's a great handbook for entrepreneurs who want to learn how to navigate the rocky shoals of business.

Amazon description

Forget everything you think you know about branding and “starting a business,” and throw out your “how to write a business plan” workbook. It’s never been easier to capitalize on the knowledge and expertise you already have, and with a few simple steps you can start making more doing what you love like the Badass that you are.

Whether you are still employed and dream of being your own boss, or you’re self-employed but have always struggled to find clients, Badass Your Brand is the quickest way to start attracting high paying clients and building a reputation that will afford you the freedom of lifestyle that you want— without the startup costs.

This step-by-step guide to turning your expertise into profit with no startup costs teaches:

  • How Pia & Steve went from $40,000 in debt working 100 hours per week, to making $500,000 in the next 12 months just selling their services, and without paying for advertising
  • How to stand out from the competition and stop being a me-too brand
  • How to stop chasing business, and instead focus on doing what you do best as a way to attract your ideal, top-tier clients
  • How to charge more than your competitors and still win the business
  • How to price your services to achieve freedom

This isn’t some get rich quick scheme, these are tried and true principles presented in a uniquely tangible and easy to follow format. The formulas, worksheets and mind-bending questions in this book will make you completely rethink your business and get you on a clear path to success.

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