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Gabriel Coarna (Founder/Readable)

I've just started Eddie Izzard's "Believe Me". This is one of those books I'm reading just-because, so I'm not *expecting* to gain anything from it. I only expect things from books I read because I'm studying/researching a particular subject. The reason why I'm reading this book is because I'm very, very fond of Eddie Izzard the comic and Eddie Izzard the actor. Hopefully, this book is a glimpse into Eddie Izzard the human.

Raluca Radu (Owner/MTH Digital)

It is funny cause I am currently reading the books of Woody Allen - he is my favorite movie director and screenwriter of all times and I had no idea he wrote books. I am expecting to laugh a lot and reading his books (just like watching his movies) feels a lot like a very interesting and ironic conversation. I am in quite a stressful period - we are preparing GPeC SUMMIT November 14-15 - so a bit of good old Woody is just what I needed. And at the same time I read the new book of Eddie Izzard. So, yes, a funny time in my reading life.

Bill Gates (CEO/Microsoft)

Izzard’s personal story is fascinating: he survived a difficult childhood and worked relentlessly to overcome his lack of natural talent and become an international star. If you’re a huge fan of him like I am, you’ll love this book. His written voice is very similar to his stage voice, and I found myself laughing out loud several times while reading it.

Amazon description

With his brand of keenly intelligent humor that ranges from world history to historical politics, sexual politics, mad ancient kings, and chickens with guns, Eddie Izzard has built an extraordinary fan base that transcends age, gender, and race. Writing with the same candor and insight evident in his comedy, he reflects on a childhood marked by the loss of his mother, boarding school, and alternative sexuality, as well as a life in comedy, film, politics, running and philanthropy. Honest and generous, Believe Me is an inspired account of a very singular life thus far.

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