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John Doherty (Founder/Credo)

The first time was when I was spending some time at a commune in Switzerland. I was reading this book called Beyond Identity, which basically explained in a way that made sense to me the different challenges and feelings I had been struggling through. I felt like a veil was lifted off my eyes and I could see clearly, and I actually break down in tears. I look back on that day as a pivotal day in my life.

Amazon description

There can be few people in the early twenty-first century who have not, at some time, asked the question, "Who am I?" or set out to "find themselves". With creative insight and common sense, Dick Keyes offers a novel solution to the modern problem of identity that is found in the very creation of humanity itself. As human beings, we find our worth, value and meaning not in possessions,approval in others'eyes, or in the integration of our emotional life. We truly find ourselves only when we look "beyond identity" to a relationship with the God who made us. Dick Keyes and his wife Mardi, have worked with L'Abri Fellowship for over forty years in Switzerland, England and now in Massachusetts. He is a graduate of Harvard University and Westminster Theological Seminary. He is also the author of: Heroism, Chameleon Christianity, Seeing Through Cynicism

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