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Big List of Podcasts for Online Business

Mar 30, 2019 | Posted by Bobby in TCL

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Big List of Business Podcasts

Besides reading as much as I can, I listen to lots of podcasts on a weekly basis. I listen mostly to technology and “tech lifestyle” if you want, but I also listen business podcasts, on an episode by episode basis. I listen to them when I walk my dog, when I go around the town doing chores, whenever I have some “dead” time on my hands.

Today I found a really comprehensive list of 80 podcasts for the online business owners, from Businessese. They’re categorized, with categories like Marketing and Sales, Blogging, Finance and Legal, Mindset, Branding, Writing and Content Creation, Organization and Productivity, Creatives and Creativity, General Business. What’s more interesting, for me, at least, is that they avoided the most well known podcast, like Tim Ferriss’s one, and they tried to find less known, but really targeted ones.

In our own searches for new blogging and business podcasts to devour, we’ve found that most “best podcast” lists tend to feature the same major players we’ve heard before. That’s no good for the podcast obsessed! So we rolled our sleeves up and scoured the internet to curate a huge list of podcasts that has something for everyone, at every stage of business. Enjoy!

I got the list from an interesting newsletter I subscribed a long time ago to, Useletter by Amy Lynn Andrews. Look over it and, while you to this, don’t forget Cristina sends a really good newsletter every Monday, as well, here, at The CEO Library. She often recommends good podcasts she listen to, so you have that, as well, as a good reason to subscribe.

Finally, here are some podcasts I listen to, mostly Tech: Accidental Tech Podcast, Connected, Cortex, Analog(ue), The BirchTree Podcast, Real Money, Real Business. If you’re Romanian, I also listen to Andrei Rosca’s Zero Plus, Podcastu’ lui Katai and Radu Dumitru’s Radu and Matilda.

Oh, and one tip: if you want to listen to more podcasts or you don’t have enough time, use Overcast as your podcast client of choice, if you’re on iOS. It has a smart thing called Smart Speed that actually cuts pauses and it can cut 10-15% of the time you need. Also, I listen on 1.1x or 1.2x speed, which doesn’t distort the voices too bad and I get some more time from this as well.

Happy listening! 🙂

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