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Books Recommended by Sam Sheridan

Sam Sheridan is the author of the books The Disaster Diaries, A Fighter’s Heart, and The Fighter’s Mind.

He’s been a boxer, mixed martial arts fighter, wild-land firefighter, constructor at the South Pole Station in Antarctica, cowboy and farmhand on the largest Montana ranch, and professional sailor.

Right after finishing high-school, Sam joined the US Merchant Marines. Then, he studied environmental issues and oil painting at Harvard. While traveling the world, he fought and was trained by some of the best fighters.That experience made him write the book A Fighter’s Heart, where he recollects his experiences as a fighter and explores violence as a career.

A few years later after releasing his first book, Sheridan digs deeper into the mental game of fighting. He published The Fighter’s Mind, where he investigates the act of violence, interviewing the best fighters and trainers in the world.

His latest book, The Disaster Diaries, is a funny and informative guide on how to prepare for cataclysmic events. He did the research by immersing himself in the survivalist and dooms-day preparation subculture.

Books written or recommended by Sam Sheridan: