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Rich Sheridan (CEO/Menlo Innovations; Author)

We have a poster at our company that reads ‘The systems you have in place are perfectly organized to produce the behaviors you are currently experiencing.’ If you are seeking new behaviors and better results, new systems are the only way to get there. Creating an Effective Management System is just the book to get you started. The decades of experience-based wisdom that Graupp, Steward and Parsons share will set you on a new path to a more joyful organization and the tangible results it will produce.

Amazon description

Despite the vast library of knowledge on Lean tools and models, the majority of Lean implementations fail to sustain themselves over time for lack of a functioning management system. In turn, when organizations try to apply a prescribed, one-size-fits-all, management system they inevitably find that what works for others may not work quite as well in their unique situation. Putting the right pieces in the right places is the prime challenge for every organization and no two successful management systems will, or should, be the same.

This book provides and examines core principles that must be in place for an organization to find what an effective management system should constitute for them. It outlines key elements and how they work together as a necessary system to achieve overall success.

Based on their extensive experience with organizational development and hands-on leadership in policy deployment, TWI and Kata, the authors describe their own journey in helping organizations discover and develop systems that function like well-designed and smooth-running machines while capturing the humanistic aspects of the foundational skills that emphasize the inherent synergy of the system. Readers will learn to help their own organizations "connect the dots" between the various pieces of Lean methodology and effectively create their own management systems that ultimately fulfil customers’ needs and expectations.

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