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Risto Siilasmaa (CEO/Nokia)

Since 2002, Professor Zhenya Liu has served as president, chairman and the senior engineer of China's State Grid Corporation. This book, as its title indicates, is focused on the subject of the interconnection of global energy, and is based on Professor Liu's decades of experience in the development of energy and smart grid technology both in China and throughout the world. It attempts to offer concrete solutions for the development of cleaner, more efficient and sustainable energy. The book likely appeals to Siilasmaa both because of his interest in technology in general and in China's economy in particular.

Amazon description

Global energy network is an important platform to guarantee effective exploitation of global clean energy and ensure reliable energy supply for everybody. Global Energy Interconnection analyzes the current situation and challenges of global energy development, provides the strategic thinking, overall objective, basic pattern, construction method and development mode for the development of global energy network. Based on the prediction of global energy and electricity supply and demand in the future, with the development of UHV AC/DC and smart grid technologies, this book offers new solutions to drive the safe, clean, highly efficient and sustainable development of global energy.

The concept and development ideas concerning global energy interconnection in this book are based on the author’s thinking of strategic issues about China’s and the world’s energy and electricity development for many years, especially combined with successful practices of China’s UHV development. This book is particularly suitable for researchers and graduated students engaged in energy sector, as well as energy economics researchers, economists, consultants, and government energy policy makers in relevant fields.

Based on the author's many years' experience in developing Smart Grid solutions within national and international projects.

Combines both solid background information and cutting-edge technology progress, coupled with a useful and impressive list of references.

The key energy problems which are challenging us nowadays are well stated and explained in this book, which facilitates a better understanding of the development of global energy interconnection with UHV AC/DC and smart grid technologies.

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