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Gary M. Citrenbaum (President/System of Systems Analytics, Inc.)

If you don’t already have a copy of this book, I heartily suggest that you beg, borrow, or steal one!

Erik Lawrence (Founder/Blackheart International)

Luke’s grasp of the security consulting business and practical experience make this a must-read for those in the business or about to venture into it.

Christopher Voss (CEO/The Black Swan Group)

As the FBI’s former lead international kidnapping negotiator and now an international consultant myself, I am impressed by the tips offered in Luke’s book.

David Nicastro (President/Secure Source International LLC)

A must-read for anyone contemplating a profitable career as a Security Consultant and even for those of us who have been doing it for a while.

Vincent Volpi (CEO/PICA Corporation)

Luke’s book reveals secrets it took me over 30 years of international security practice to learn.

Majd Hosn (CEO/Saucal, Inc.)

If you’re looking to become an international security consultant – or want to build on your existing practice – Global Security Consulting is a wise investment.

Amazon description

With new security threats nearly every week all over the globe, governments and businesses are forced to take extraordinary measures to protect themselves. Likewise, espionage continues at levels comparable to the days of the Cold War—but many more players are now participating. In this environment, a new industry has grown to deal with these challenges: international security consulting. Drawing from military, law-enforcement, and intelligence communities, new private companies are springing up across the world. Global Security Consulting, written by a former intelligence specialist who has built a successful consultancy, provides solid guidance for anyone wishing to enter this glamorous but often dangerous field.

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