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Haris Siddique, Co-Founder of Artimization, On the Healing Power of Books

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Haris Siddique is the Co-Founder and Head of Business Development of Artimization, a Pakistan-based digital marketing and communications agency, founded in January 2013.

Haris spent his life in Karachi, the most populous city of Pakistan and also the media capital of the country.

He has a background in the development and design of applications and websites. Haris now runs the company’s operations and organizational strategies, with a focus on branding, ads and traffic driven marketing.

His vision is to support the people he serves and revolutionize the existing business strategies. Haris aims to establish strategic business connections with like-minded people who have similar goals and are passionate about growth.

Keep on reading to find out more about his favorite books, the ones that helped him communicate better with others and overcome the fears and challenges of starting his own business.

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What’s your favorite book and why? Business and non-business, if possible.

My list of favorite books is actually too long and choosing one, among all, is a bit difficult job but one of the most constructive and transformational books I read is “Lead with No Title” written by Robin Sharma. The book is all about self-development, building a strong mindset that helps you to conquest problems and obstacles. We can’t be successful until we keep on learning and implementing new techniques to make them strong skills for us. The book is not only ideal to read but also epitome enough for practical implementations.

The idea to change begins from thoughts. When you start anything from scratch, you follow a thought process to give practical execution to your idea and for that, you need strength, wisdom, power, courage, inspiration, and guidance.

This book is not only for entrepreneurs or marketers; instead it’s for everyone who loves to develop themselves to achieve heights in life. It has tons of practical knowledge on leadership; easy to put into practice in your life and career. Read this book and charismatically feel the change inside you.

Was there a moment, specifically, when something you read in a book helped you? Can you tell me about it?

I use to read a lot of articles online by “Forbes” and “Entrepreneur” related to starting new businesses, entrepreneurship and business tactics, successful people, and how to take any business to the next level.

But Practically, It was not happening for me and I was in search to get a clue to make all happen to me as well. Then, I started watching some motivational videos on YouTube channel called “Fearless Motivation”. Videos inspired me but were not enough to move me on and then I found an amazing piece of content in the book named “Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement” written by Tony Robbins.

This book taught me to heal, create a better Inner Mind Conversation, communicate better with others and unleashed my real power. Finally, I felt courageous enough to bear the risks and challenges of starting my own business.

That was a game-changing moment for me 🙂

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What books had the biggest impact on you? (perhaps changed the way you see things, dramatically changed your career path)

The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure written by Grant Cardone, I would say because it influenced me and created an imperial impact on my career path. An amazing book to read as it teaches you How to reprogram your mind in minutes to eliminate fears and phobia. Being a sales and marketing professional, I adopted many great changes in me and used some of the best techniques which are explained very well in this book by Grant Cardone.

I would definitely recommend it to everyone who wants growth. Be focused and keep fueling the fire of success with your tries and learnings!

What books would you recommend to youngsters interested in your professional path? Why? (no number limit here)

Along with the previously mentioned books I am adding some more in the list.

  • The Magic of Thinking Big (Written by David J. Schwartz). The book shares several theories and tips which can be easily implemented in life for a success journey.
  • The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success (Deepak Chopra). A very powerful book which provides amazing tools and techniques to create a more effective version of reality.
  • Lead with No Title” – It helps you to make wise decision in your career and elevate your perception.

I’m interested in finding out more about your reading habits. How often do you read? In what format?

There is no specific time or day! I usually read daily.

I run and manage a global digital marketing company named Artimization and provide services to almost all regions of the world. Being a professional when you serve globally you must keep yourself updated especially about latest trends and techniques in your specific field. Reading is basically a source of empowerment for the mind and it rejuvenates the sense of thoughtfulness.

Morning time is best for me to feed positive thoughts to get myself charge for the day. Working 12 to 14 hours a day is not easy and to overcome stress, books are an amazing resource for me 🙂

How do you make time for reading?

When you consider something prior for daily to-do-list, you don’t have to find time for it!


Do you take notes or have any other technique for conquering the torrent of information?

Yes, Yes, Yes! I make notes and keep them safe. It helps me a lot to keep on reminding me and I frequently follow them as well.

Last question: what book are you currently reading and what are you expecting to gain from it?

Digital Marketing for Dummies, written by Ryan Deiss. The book is related to digital marketing and one of my friend recommended me. I just started reading this book and expecting that it will increase the graph of my knowledge about developing best digital marketing campaigns so that I can proficiently work in my domain.

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