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Michael Woodward (CEO & Founder/jumbleThink)

This book is Cort’s memoir. Through it he tells his story of working in the corporate world and then starting his own entrepreneurial journey. I love this book because he is intentional not only to tell his story but to give lessons you can apply to your own life while telling those stories. The core message of the book is on leadership.

Amazon description

Named the #1 business book of 2016 by The Globe and Mail, Cort Dial's debut Heretics to Heroes: A Memoir on Modern Leadership proves that peak business performance is achieved not by stifling humanity, but by embracing it. Also a recipient of the Gold Nonfiction Book Award, the hybrid of personal narrative and eye-opening manual spans gritty chemical plants, the deserts of the Middle East, exclusive C-Suites, and more, as it introduces a new framework for inspiring and influencing others called All-In™ Leadership. As provocative as it is practical, Heretics to Heroes reminds readers that history's greatest men and women were once seen as heretics.

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