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Jochen Siepmann, Property Investing Mentor & Author, on Books & the Importance of Taking Action

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Jochen Siepmann is an entrepreneur and investor, trainer, mentor, public speaker and author of two books.

Jochen has 20 years of experience working in banking and finance industry spanning across Europe and Asia. Originally from Germany, Jochen was working in a bank in 1996, when he got transferred to Singapore and has been living there ever since.

He held various management positions within Private Banking and Investment Banking IT, has a Banking Specialist diploma, a postgraduate diploma in Global Finance from the University of Hong Kong, and he’s also a Project Management Professional and Master Coach (ACTA certified).

In 2013, after building a successful corporate career, Jochen decided it’s time to launch and grow his own company, specialized in training and coaching, with a focus on Peak Performance and Property Investing programs.

Jochen finds the property industry exciting and has been investing for more than 25 years, owning houses, condominiums and commercial property in Singapore, Germany, Malaysia, Thailand and UK.

He now passionately shares his expertise with his clients so they, too, can enjoy a passive source of income that gives them financial freedom.

Keep on reading and you’ll find out what book taught Jochen about the possibility of earning a passive income, helped him change his mindset about it and take action, but also what common mistakes he believes entrepreneurs make and myths related to property investing.

What’s your favorite book and why?

My favourite book is “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. It has opened my mind about the possibility of earning passive income, change the mindset to think differently to achieve it and it has inspired me to teach people about this too so I can help them to become financially free.

Was there a moment, specifically, when something you read in a book helped you? Can you tell me about it?

As mentioned above, Robert inspired me. While most people seem to find excuses (which they call “reasons”) why something doesn’t work for them, I am an action taker, learn, try out, practice, improve and get better. This way as Robert has described I changed my mindset, took action and over some time have built up a sizeable property portfolio that is giving me enough passive income to have become financially free

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What books had the biggest impact on you?

What books would you recommend to youngsters interested in your professional path and why?

Besides the titles already mentioned, I’ll add my “The Property Apprentice” and “Property Magic” by Simon Zutschi.

How do you make time for reading?

“No time” (or “too busy”) are just excuses. If you want to find time to do something, you will. It’s just a matter of priority.

Also to learn speed reading is good, can read a book in a day.

Do you take notes or have any other technique for conquering the torrent of information?

I use a highlighter/marker and I take notes.

How do you choose what books to read next?

I usually only read books about investment, property or trading. I usually don’t follow other people’s recommendation as they might have different interests/focus than me, unless they are well known and respected person in one of these fields

What do you think are the most common mistakes made by entrepreneurs?

Everybody makes mistakes. Important is to learn from them, not only from own mistakes also from other’s mistakes. Common mistakes are:

  • ‘I know already’ – not taking a mentor.
  • Losing focus and getting worked up in minor details instead of focusing on the important things.
  • Not doing sufficient due diligence.
  • Being afraid of making decisions.

What common myths related to your industry do you encounter on a day-to-day basis?

“No money” and “no time” to invest.

What is something you believe that nearly no one agrees with you on? (Peter Thiel’s question)

That it is possible to profit from property even if one has very little money. I am teaching five different methods how to do that, but even after that people don’t believe it… but it works, I have done it myself and many of my students, too. One just has to apply what they learned and believe that it works, then it will work.

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