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Tim Ferriss (Author & Entrepreneur)

Kamal is one of those people whose words are as powerful as his presence. When Kamal speaks, I listen.

James Altucher (Founder/StockPickr)

Kamal takes the concept of "truth" and slices it into hope and faith and mystery and magic. This book continues to deliver on the promise of his incredible first book.

Amazon description

We don't stumble accidentally into an amazing life. It takes a conscious commitment to figuring out what we stand for - finding our truth. It begins by looking inside ourselves, because when it rises from within, we have no choice but to express it, to live it. That is when magic happens: fulfillment, happiness, relationships and success.

The question is: How?

With meditations on love, healing, entrepreneurship, overcoming failure, vulnerability, fear, the nature of the mind and the rhythm of life, Live Your Truth is a guide to this crucial journey of self-exploration and personal discovery. The follow up to his runaway bestseller Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It, Kamal Ravikant takes you on his journey, in the hope that it will help you find your truth and inspire you to live it. Prepare to be your best self.

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