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Virginia LeBlanc (Founder/Defining Paths)

Question: What five books would you recommend to young people interested in your career path & why?


  • Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson, M.D.
  • Our Iceberg is Melting: Changing and Succeeding Under Any Conditions by John Kotter
  • Conscious Capitalism by John Mackey
  • The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle
  • Love the Skin YOU’RE In: How to Conquer Life Through Divergent Thinking by Dr. Virginia LeBlanc
These books are not only easy reads but enlighten, motivate, and inspire, as well as give a sense of higher purpose and calling. They lend divergent, heroic thinking in an otherwise conditioned, entrenched mindset in how to operate in life and business. They provide keys to the upper-hand and how to live, be, and lead extraordinarily.

Amazon description

For those looking for a real conversation about life, Dr. Virginia LeBlanc recalls watershed moments which helped to shape and define her path toward success in her love letter to society—Love the Skin YOU’RE In. From a holistic perspective, she discusses how to overcome and conquer life through divergent thinking by being aware of, examining, and addressing ways of thinking and being.

Enjoy this easy and engaging read. Laugh, cry, and be enlightened as Author LeBlanc sheds light on real-life matters at the heart of most human conflict—social constructs and conditioning. If you have struggled to find and maintain your individuality in a society that demands conformity; felt different; not quite comfortable in your skin; like you don’t belong or even an outsider trying to fit in; trapped or suffocated by social norms and expectations; a casualty of circumstance; bullied, objectified, or discriminated against for simply being yourself, this book is for you!

Through her own hard knocks, victories, and lessons learned that taught her to love the skin she’s in, Dr. LeBlanc shares key concepts to help you walk your path, connect the dots, and find purpose personally and professionally. Her wise words show you how to embrace fear and set yourself apart through divergent thinking, helping you open your mind to endless possibilities of whatever comes, rediscover what you’ve lost or discover what you’ve never known—the real you. Perspective is everything! If you want to get off well-worn paths and tap into your true self, pick up a copy!

Love the Skin YOU’RE In is a captivating, eye-opening, inspiring, empowering, and life transforming MUST READ delivered in a fresh new way and carrying a timeless message of internal reconciliation and renaissance meant for a wide age range (pre-teen +), any gender, race, ethnicity, or social class. Break free from chains of expectations and discard messaging about who you should be to live a more fulfilling and vibrant life of who you were meant to be!

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