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Books Recommended by Michael Herrmann, Austrian Entrepreneur

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Hi, guys! Cristina here.

A few weeks ago, while mindlessly browsing the web, I found an interview on Indie Hackers about a start-up based in Vienna, Austria. It was the story of how Terminerinnerung was created – an app that automatically sends SMS reminders for upcoming medical appointments.

Nothing special until here, right? Well, after I read the interview, I decided to do some research and find out more about the founder, Michael Herrmann, since I liked his thinking process.

After reading about his projects (Terminerinnerung is just a small slice of his professional life), I was starting to regret that I don`t have any trips planned to Vienna soon, as I would have loved to grab a cup of coffee with Michael and chat live about entrepreneurship and books.

Perhaps one day I will have the opportunity to meet him for a live, proper interview, but, until then, I invite you to discover what books he would recommend to young people interested in taking the same professional path as he did.

And if you ever plan a trip to Vienna, go grab a coffee (or beer) with Michael. You can find his contact links at the end of this page.

What books would you recommend to youngsters interested in your professional path & why?

Getting to Yes
Great book about negotiating in all aspects of life. Main point: Treat negotiating as a cooperative task of finding the compromise most beneficial to both sides.

How to Win Friends & Influence People
Small hacks to make people you just met like you better. Sounds manipulative but actually makes you genuinely appreciate them more.

How to Get Rich
More the story of how the author got rich. But interesting to read about his experiences.

The Long Tail
Very fitting for the internet today. We see niches form inside niches and as entrepreneurs it’s important to be aware (and make use) of that fact.

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Spin Selling
Good book on sales.

Delivering Happiness
The biography of Zappos’ founder. Interesting journey. You learn the importance of customer happiness.

Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us
Another good book for today. The author argues that every product/service appeals to a “Tribe” of like-minded people. As businesspeople it’s important we understand their dynamics.

The Dip
Very motivating for sticking through hard times.

Pitch Anything
Great book on pitching, and more generally, sales. Funny too. Has some ideas very reminiscent of Thinking Fast and Slow.

Thinking Fast and Slow
Summary of the life’s work of a world-leading researcher in psychology, and his findings. Extremely interesting.

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success
Recommended by Bill Gates, teaches the importance of genuinely believing that you can work to improve your skills.

MONEY Master the Game
Save more and invest in low-cost index funds. A little US-centric but important advice for personal finances.

Elon Musk
His biography. He’s a fascinating character.

Total Recall
Schwarzenegger’s autobiography. Very interesting as well. He’s a true self-made man.

The Black Swan
Life is governed by chance, even if we humans like to think of ourselves as in control by retroactively explaining things that happened in the past.

The Code of the Extraordinary Mind
Personal development book with many interesting insights, written in terms programmers will love and understand. Approachable and not geeky in any way though.

By the same author as The Black Swan. How to deal with – and exploit – the inherent uncertainty of life.

The Better Angels of our Nature
Recommended by Bill Gates as well. Nothing to do with business. But shows that we live in the best of times on Earth. Ever.

The Hard Thing about Hard Things
Very deep insights into what it’s like to run a VC-funded startup. Not just interesting for such startup founders, but also to people who want to know what it’s like.

Links where you can follow Michael and find out more about his projects:

  • Michael`s Twitter account
  • fman
  • Terminerinnerung
  • Michael’s interview @ Indie Hackers
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