Microphone not working in Skype (and Zoom) on MacOS

Jan 05, 2019 | Posted by Bobby in Articles

I’ve had some weird issues for the last 2 months or so: I couldn’t use Skype at all. (just so you know, you could take the same steps if you have these problems with Zoom)

  • I could hear the person I was talking to, but they couldn’t hear me.
  • The Audio & Video settings in Skype were showing me that the microphone wasn’t working, though it was working in basically all the other apps.

After testing everything I could think of, I looked for other solutions and here’s what worked for me (image below, as well):

My Macbookpro stopped allowing Skype to talk to my built in microphone.

  • To fix it – Go to System Preferences.
  • Go to Security and Privacy
  • Go to Privacy Tab
  • Scroll down to Microphone – There you will see Skype pop up with a check box.
  • Check the box – It will suggest that you re-start Skype and offer to do it for you.
  • Restart Skype – your problem should be solved.

More context here.

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