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Oussama Ammar, The Family co-founder, will soon release 1st book: ‘Anyone Can Become an Entrepreneur’

Jun 18, 2019 | Posted by Cristina in Articles

The Power-Up is the best way stay up to date on the gaming industry news. Click here to find out why!

Anyone can be an entrepreneur… but that doesn’t mean everyone can be, or that everyone should want to be!

This is one of the touchstones at The Family, a European community and startup accelerator that I discovered last year and been following their work since. It was started 5 years ago, in Paris, and they’re focused on building a European startup ecosystem, having nurtured over 600 startups so far.

Also, their free content on the topic of entrepreneurship is really good – if you’re interested in the subject, I highly recommend that you follow them (if you’re subscribed to our newsletter, you’re already familiar with a few of their articles).

Oussama Ammar, the director and one of the three co-founders of The Family, will soon release a book titled “Anyone Can Become an Entrepreneur“. After more than 10 years building and supporting startups, as a founder and as an investor, he put together all his thoughts on the entrepreneurial mindset and ambitions, what it looks like behind the curtains of the startup world, and how European entrepreneurs can succeed.

The book will be released this autumn and we supported and pre-ordered it via Kickstarter.

Oussama goes in depth about what it really means in this article: Anyone can become an entrepreneur.

A few months ago, I’ve seen Oussama at a Techub event in Bucharest, where The CEO Library team is based. I’m leaving you with a few notes from his talk, perhaps you’ll find them interesting:

– Everyone wants to change ecosystem around them, but there are lots of ducks to shoot and levels to pass until they reach level 99 of entrepreneurship.
– In order to succeed you need good people, a bit of rebellion, and lots of try in a confined circle.
– The entrepreneurial ecosystem: you need to talk to people who are already experienced. Most people don’t have a clue what entrepreneurship is about, so if you talk to them it would be like talking about sex with a kid.
– You can’t do anything alone, you need to find other crazy people.
– You also can’t wait to get lucky, you need to provoke luck.
– It’s hard to face that what you’re doing is failing, so that’s why environment is crucial, to create an environment where quitting or stopping isn’t that hard.
The world doesn’t care how unique you are.

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