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Ella Zheng (Partner & Art Director/The Workbench)

Posters are mostly used to present information. This book showcases experimental poster design. The works are very free form, very abstract and shows how information can be presented in a very unique manner. This book will show how graphic design can translate information in a very fun and expressive manner​ -​ Information can be translated into pictograms and patterns​; ​Texts can be expressive and unique. Loosen up and let your senses take charge.

Amazon description

Despite the vast changes in the technology of information distribution, the good old, two-dimensional, printed-on-paper poster is still the unrivaled king of advertising. No genre of design better illustrates Charles Eames famous dictum: Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose. This inspirational collection of 300 recent posters from around the world proves that the poster is thriving. Richly illustrated, the selection goes far beyond commercial advertising, straight to the front lines of contemporary design practice, considering the poster as perhaps the most experimental form of graphic work today. A must-have for design libraries, the book includes work by young design greats as HORT (Berlin) and Atlas Studio (Zurich) plus a complete index with short bios of each designer in Japanese and English.

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