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Barbara Corcoran (Founder/The Corcoran Group)

The Purpose Is Profit provides the roadmap and motivation needed to win the startup game. It is required reading for every entrepreneur committed to building a profitable business.

Joel Peterson (Chairman/jetBlue Airways )

There are no shortcuts. Startup success requires a solid business model, disciplined execution, and a profound commitment. 'The Purpose Is Profit' provides blueprints and tools entrepreneurs need to start and scale a business.

Larry King (Worldwide Television and Radio Host)

Unlike so many books on entrepreneurship, 'The Purpose Is Profit' gets at the nub of what it takes to build a successful business. Ed talks the talk, and walks the walk, about the importance of factoring profit into every business decision.

Rohan Marley (Chairman/Marley Coffee)

Ed's book isn't just about profit - it's about following your inner voice and your destiny. It's about succeeding through integrity and giving back. It will put you on the path to responsible prosperity.

Michael Critelli (CEO/Pitney Bowes)

This is an excellent book. 'The Purpose Is Profit' powerfully describes the principles profitable businesses must follow and how failure to adhere to every one of those principles takes a business owner over that fine line into unprofitability. The book is exceptionally practical and candid, since, alongside his success story, one of the authors freely describes what caused his other start-up business to fail.

Maggie Wilderotter (CEO/The Grand Reserve Inn)

The Purpose Is Profit' is both entertaining and educational. It is like getting an MBA in entrepreneurship in 300 pages. This is a must-read book for any aspiring entrepreneur.

John ''Randy'' MacDonald (CFO/TD Ameritrade)

Ed McLaughlin's book, 'The Purpose Is Profit,' is a powerful guide for entrepreneurs at any stage. It combines the inside story with the tools you need to build a profitable business. I'll be encouraging everyone with a startup dream to read this book.

Pamela Newman (CEO/The Newman Group)

I run an entrepreneurially driven group within a large organization and have asked our team to read the book and share five key takeaways they will use to transform our business. I am betting on a 5% increase in year-over-year growth across my team from implementing the advice in 'The Purpose is Profit'

Mykalai Kontilai (Founder/Collectors Café)

The Purpose Is Profit' is direct and honest. It makes no excuses about the hard knocks you'll face in building your own business. The book puts you in the shoes of the entrepreneur, conveying the good, the bad, and the ugly of what it takes to scale your own business.

Bill Scheller (CEO/BlackHawk Industrial)

Building a business is one of the most rewarding, yet challenging experiences of a lifetime. If you are planning to start a business, why not mitigate your risk by reading 'The Purpose Is Profit?' No one can promise instant success, but following the proven roadmap in this book will substantially increase your probability of startup success.

Amazon description

Tired of working for others and dealing with office politics, eager for control and more money, Ed ''Skip'' McLaughlin certainly felt it. When he left his high-level corporate position to start not one but two new businesses, his colleagues' reaction was disbelief:

People told me I was crazy. ''You are going to fail!''

One of his businesses did fail, but the other thrived. Ed bootstrapped it into an Inc. 500 company and later sold it to a Fortune 100 company. Now, you can learn from his experience--what to do and what not to do--to create your own successful startup. The Purpose Is Profit eliminates the mystery of becoming an entrepreneur. You will learn--

- Why distinctive competence trumps passion
- Where and when to get funding without losing control
- How to build an entrepreneurial brand that lasts
- Why profit should be factored into every business decision
- How ethical behavior breeds trust and unlocks profit

As a bonus, The Purpose Is Profit includes two manuals: The Startup Roadmap details the 21 steps you should take to build a profitable business. The Startup Funding Guide delivers the tools you need to fund your business.

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