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Dave Child (Founder/

And now I'm in my late 30s, I find myself reading more biographies and histories, and my favourite is Pyke - The Unknown Genius by David Lampe. Geoffrey Pyke's story is the kind you might read about in a work of fiction and dismiss as unrealistic. And today, he's virtually unknown. I particularly like the story of Project Habakkuk, the aim of which was to build a gigantic aircraft carrier out of "pykrete" - ice with added sawdust - which, apocryphally, gained traction when Pyke dumped a large block of pykrete into Churchill's bath and it refused to melt.

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Biography of Geoffrey Pyke, a remarkable character who was prone to flashes of genius. During the Second World war he was associated with Combined Operations, under the enthusiastic patronage of Lord Mountbatten. He was the inventor of the Weasel carrier - forerunner of the trans-Antarctic Snow-cats used by Fuchs and Hillary in 1958, and the fantastic conception of Habbakuk, an unsinkable aircraft carrier, amongst many other projects, including a unique scheme to sink the battleship Tirpitz. After the war he had a solution to the fuel crisis and plans of a Health Service.

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