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Is it possible to read 100 books per year? (A talk about how to read more in 2018)

The Power-Up is the best way stay up to date on the gaming industry news. Click here to find out why!

A new year just began. A clean slate. The perfect time to promise ourselves that we’ll change into better versions make plans and resolutions. Among those, we must find time to read more books, many more than last year! Or should I say “make” time instead of “finding” it?

Fabrice Grinda, one of the world’s leading tech entrepreneurs and investors, reads 100 books per year.

Bill Gates reads about 50 books per year, takes notes and reviews them on his blog.

Warren Buffett credits many of his good decisions to his reading habits.

If they can do it, what’s holding us? Why can’t we read so many books per year? Their days aren’t any longer than ours, we all have the same 24 hours a day at our disposal.

We’re not going to give you a specific formula on how to read more books, but we can share what we learned from our experience and stir up your thoughts.

These are the questions that we asked ourselves and debated in the new podcast episode:

– How many books did we read last year?
– How many books do we challenge ourselves to read in 2018?
– How did we choose that number? Was it a random one or based on (somehow) rational calculations?
– How do we find time to read more? What activities did we drop, like mindlessly checking our social media feeds or reading political news, and how?
– What format we prefer, digital or physical books?
– Do audiobooks count as books? What about movies made after books?
– How to make use of summaries or other people’s notes?
– Do we personally take notes? If yes, how? And do we ever review them afterward or just forget about them?
– Do we have any special rituals or habits for reading or preferred times of day?
– Why we try not to read non-fiction books before going to bed?
– And, finally, what books are we currently reading?

Hit play and find out:

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