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Brian Burkhart (Founder & Chief Word Guy/SquarePlanet Presentations & Strategy)

“Stand for Something: The Power of Building a Brand People Authentically Love,” is a book for the brave. I’m asking people to stop and take time to do something most individuals and organizations never do. And it’s not something you should walk into blindly. I’ve taken the time to codify my beliefs to the core, and there are people in my orbit who see things differently than me. Those relationships are now fractured because I know—deeply—what I stand for, and I won’t work with those who don’t believe what I believe. For instance, Nextel asked me years ago to do some work for hundreds of thousands of dollars before Sprint acquired them. I said no. I didn’t believe in what they were doing. It may have set my bank account back, but if you want to be authentic, if you want to be the real you, then that’s what you have to do. That’s how this works. My book isn’t for everyone, it’s for those willing to do the tough stuff. It’s remarkably rewarding to discover what you stand for, both personally and professionally. Once you know what you believe and what you stand for, you have no choice but to live authentically—it’s enlightening. Once I figured out my situation, I had this weird, profound sense of, “I make waves, yes! I’m not just rude. I don’t have a personality disorder. I’m just wired to be a troublemaker. Got it!” I felt fantastic after. But it’s not easy. It takes courage to find the authentic you.

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We're all guilty of it--when someone asks what we do for a living, we tell them about the products we make or the services we provide. We never tell them what we believe.

Unfortunately, business works the same way, and the result is forgettable brands with zero identity. We assume this approach is right because everyone does it.

Put simply, we're all wrong. Way wrong.

In Stand for Something, Brian Burkhart invites you to break free from the herd and reconnect to the core beliefs that make you stand out. He shares insightful case studies that provide powerful lessons about major brands doing it right, and some that get it all wrong. You'll see how everything is better when you deeply understand what you stand for. Perhaps for the first time, you'll find the right job, your relationships will be enriched, internal alignment and excitement will skyrocket, and the right customers will magically come your way.

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