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Podcast with Steve Benjamins: Confessions of an Entrepreneur & Musician

Feb 22, 2018 | Posted by Cristina in Podcast

The Power-Up is the best way stay up to date on the gaming industry news. Click here to find out why!

Steve Benjamins is a designer, software developer and musician living in Canada.

In 2012, after he moved to Toronto, Steve decided to not take a job for a while and, instead, launch a series of products and see if any of them sticks.

Among them, he started Site Builder Report, a website that’s now visited by tens of thousands of people who need to decide what’s the best website builder for their needs. Steve’s written hundreds of reviews, turning Site Builder Report into the ultimate resource on this subject.

Steve’s also a musician and composer. He’s been writing songs since he was 10, even though he didn’t release them until the age of 26.

From our conversation you’ll find out more about:
– Steve’s entrepreneurial journey – he’s been building businesses since he was just a teen,
– how he grew Site Builder Report,
– his relationship with music,
– reasons why he didn’t want to make his music public until recently (and how he overcame them),
– his daily routines and how journaling brought clarity in his decision-making process,
– why he rejects media & business books that praise entrepreneurship
…and many other interesting subjects.

Tune in:

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