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The CEO Library podcast is here!

Dec 08, 2017 | Posted by Cristina in Podcast

The Power-Up is the best way stay up to date on the gaming industry news. Click here to find out why!

Hello, my dear book worms!

I come bearing good news: I’m glad to announce the launch of our first ever podcast for The CEO Library! 🙂

You now have the opportunity to listen to me (Cristina), Bobby (my co-founder) and Vlad talk about books, business, and The CEO Library – its current status, what we learned in the past three months since we launched it, and what we want from it in the future.

Right now you’re probably thinking “Wait, what, another podcast is launching?“. Well, yes. But this is not just another podcast. And I’m not saying that because it’s OUR podcast.

Here are five reasons why you might consider giving us a chance:

1. Because we all have experience in entrepreneurship and building successful companies, but that’s where the similarities end. Those business we worked on reached different stages, were from various industries (like music, gaming, weddings, cars), and our interests and expertise are completely different.

2. We’ve known each other for more than 10 years (actually, Bobby and Vlad have known each other forever, since they’re cousins). We all previously co-founded another project together, then went on completely separate roads, and now we’re pouring everything we learned all this time into The CEO Library.

3. Just like you, we’re bookaholics, but we read completely different things. We’re also aware that reading and learning about something is just a small ingredient when it comes to growing a business. Correlation does not imply causation – just because we’re reading the same books that the biggest entrepreneurs read, it doesn’t guarantee that we’ll be as successful as they were. It’s also important to put that knowledge into action.

4. Because not sharing an opportunity to learn is a cardinal sin (that’s actually a quote from a book we all recently read, in our book-club). And we’re not afraid of sharing with you every step of our journey, every success or mistake, but also the thinking process behind it.

5. Because we have funny, weird accents 😀 If we would have waited for the day when our English was perfect, we probably never would have launched this podcast.

That being said, you should also know that we plan on doing 9 more episodes of the podcast, and afterwards draw a line and see if we continue our not.

Ok, I’ve said enough, time to hit that play button! Listen to our first podcast episode here:

Episode #1: Octopus, octo…pussies? (A discussion about how we interview people on The CEO Library) – iTunes | Google Play | Stitcher

One last thing before you go. We always try to keep in mind that done is better than perfect. That’s why we wanted to get The CEO Library in front of you as soon as possible, and why we’re now so quick with the launch of this podcast. There are plenty of things that can be improved, but the fastest way to learn is by facing criticism.

The “Done is better than perfect” illustration that you see below perfectly fits our mindset. It was created by Miruna Sfia, our official artist 😀 (Miruna promised that she’ll create more inspirational quotes for us in the future).

Don’t forget we value your feedback a lot, so please hit reply and let us know your thoughts regarding our first podcast – either good or (especially!) bad.

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