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Yaro Starak (Founder/

What I love about it: it was written as two books, so on the left side of the pages was a story and on the right side was the kind of “how to steps” that you can learn from the story, so you could kind of read it both at the same time or read one that the other.

You get the narrative and you get the how-to, so that was clever, sort of a smart way to make a book, but why I found it so powerful it was a book that I actually saw someone reading on the streets once. They were sitting in the coffee shop and they had the book and I went up to them and asked hey, I’m reading this book too and I’m curious (this person was a bit older than me, probably in their 30s while I was in my 20s) and I asked, I just talked to them about 5 minutes and I asked about the book and asked :so, are you actually a millionaire now?” and they said “Actually, I am” and I wasn’t, I was still struggling to make money at the time.

Amazon description

Bestselling Chicken Soup author Mark Victor Hansen and financial guru Robert Allen offer a practical inspiring lesson in creating true wealth whether you aspire to become a millionaire or simply beat credit-card debt and have enough money to live on without worrying. Two books for the price of one!

On the right side of the page is Hansen's fable of Michelle, a widowed mother whose life is on the brink of ruin; unless she can raise a million dollars quickly she will lose custody of her children. On the left hand side are Robert Allen's rules for achieving financial success.

His advice parallels the action in Michelle's story, as he urges readers to identify their fears and doubts, and eliminate from their lives all the roadblocks that limit their potential. They'll learn how to transform Restraining Forces into Driving Forces- whether their goal, like Michelle's, is to become a millionaire or just simply to save money for the future. Together these two halves of The One Minute Millionaire work as a powerful tool of self-discovery, an inspirational lesson in unlocking the winner in everyone.

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