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Adam Pisoni (Founder/Abl)

It pushed my thinking on why the old model for structuring companies isn't sustainable.

Seth Godin (Author, Marketer, Entrepreneur)

If you don't know Rushkoff, you're not serious about figuring out what's going to happen next.

Tim O'Reilly (Founder/O'Reilly Media)

Every great advance begins when someone sees that what everyone else takes for granted may not actually be true. Douglas Rushkoff questions the deepest assumptions of the modern economy and blazes a path toward a more human-centered world.

Joi Ito (Director/MIT Media Lab)

Thoughtful, provocative, and essential reading for our economic moment.

Bonin Bough (Marketer, Author, Host of The Cleveland Hustles)

In what could be seen as a crisis, Rushkoff shares his smart, optimistic, and pragmatic perspective about how both businesses and consumers can reimagine today’s current economic operating system in the digital age—and prosper.

Walter Isaacson (Author)

Douglas Rushkoff is one of today's most incisive media theorists and a provocative critic of our digital economy. He's also fun to read

Irina Marinescu (Product Manager & Co-Founder/Save Potatoes)

Even before building a tech product we need to prove it is capable of continuous growth. This book gave me a bigger perspective about the place of growth and tech products in the context of a sustainable economy of a highly connected world.

Amazon description

When protesters shattered the windows of a bus carrying Google employees to work, their anger may have been justifiable, but it was misdirected. The true conflict of our age isn’t between the unem­ployed and the digital elite, or even the 99 percent and the 1 percent. Rather, a tornado of technological improvements has spun our economic program out of control, and humanity as a whole—the protesters and the Google employees as well as the shareholders and the executives—are all trapped by the consequences.

It’s time to optimize our economy for the human beings it’s supposed to be serving. In this groundbreaking book, acclaimed media scholar and author Douglas Rushkoff tells us how to combine the best of human nature with the best of modern technology. Tying together disparate threads—big data, the rise of robots and AI, the increasing participation of algorithms in stock market trading, the gig economy, the collapse of the eurozone—Rushkoff provides a critical vocabulary for our economic moment and a nuanced portrait of humans and commerce at a critical crossroads.

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