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Craig Mazin (Creator, Writer, Producer/Chernobyl TV Series)

The Truth About Chernobyl is essential reading from a Soviet physicist's perspective... and Grigori Medvedev had his boots on the ground. An excellent combination of historic recounting and clear science.

Amazon description

This dramatic, minute-by-minute account of the Chernobyl meltdown and its aftermath provides a detailed analysis of the causes of the disaster at the Soviet power station which became a ``gigantic nuclear volcano'' in April 1986, spewing out radioactivity. Former deputy chief engineer at Chernobyl, Medvedev cites design flaws that could spell catastrophe for similarly built plants. He also blames the accident on plant operators' faulty decision-making, made worse by flagrant safety violations; arrogant, careless managers; the ``sheer insanity'' of the plant's administrative system; and negligence at the highest levels of the Soviet energy bureaucracy. Interweaving the jolting testimony of eyewitnesses, participants and victims, this volume is invaluable.

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