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Tom Colicchio (Owner/Crafted Hospitality)

Avero has become the go-to tech company for the hospitality industry, but the secret to Damian's success lies in his deeply rooted passion for food.... which The Underground Culinary Tour illustrates brilliantly!

Gary Loveman (Chairman/Caesars Entertainment)

Damian shows how analytics and thoughtful food make for a memorable meal for both patrons and restaurateurs alike. His work was the source of great value to Caesars and will be to you, no matter the industry, whether you run restaurants or simply dine happily in them.

Jean Georges Vongerichten (Owner/Jean Georges Restaurants)

Damian, through Avero, has increased financial transparency and reporting through a well thought out interface, designed for people who love to cook and provide amazing hospitality. The Underground Culinary Tour is a reflection of how people like me began to work with technology to provide a better guest experience.

Kevin Brown (CEO/Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, Inc.)

Damian's incredible vision and ability to combine his passion for food and analytical intelligence have helped bring an extraordinary tool into existence. The insights and information Avero offers have allowed Lettuce Entertain You and the entire hospitality industry to see a different side of the business.

David A. Pace (CEO/Jamba Inc.)

Damian and Avero have positioned themselves at the convergence of the art and the science that creates a great restaurant experience. . .Through The Underground Culinary Tour, Damian allows you to join him on the exhilarating (and exhausting) tours that he has hosted to highlight great work going on across our industry. Enjoy the ride!

GJ Hart (CEO/California Pizza Kitchen)

Damian Mogavero has blazed new territory in how to utilize data to improve our restaurants.. His passion for food is unparalleled. It shows how loving what you do can be both inspiring and creative. Check out The Underground Culinary Tour to see exactly how creative Damian is.

Pietro Satriano (CEO/US Foods)

Damian Mogavero’s book not only takes the reader through a wonderful journey of what it’s like to run a restaurant, it shows how technology and analytics are transforming one of America’s biggest and most visible industries.

Daniel Boulud (Owner/Dinex Group)

In the past 10 years, the restaurant industry has seen an influx of technology, all promising to impact the bottom line. However, it took a smarter visionary to transform the data and provide us invaluable insights to run our restaurants better. This practical and technical tool is enhanced by the genius of Damian Mogavero from his passion for food, wine and hospitality. His journey in this book is a true success story about people, chefs and restauranteurs, and their businesses.

Christian Clerc (President/Worldwide Hotel Operations, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts)

At the heart of every great restaurant are the passionate people who bring it to life. No one knows this better than Damian Mogavero. In The Underground Culinary Tour, Damian shows how data and technology are empowering people to embrace change and transforming the guest experience across our industry.

Amazon description

Sixteen years ago, entrepreneur Damian Mogavero brought together an unlikely mix of experts—chefs and code writers—to create a pioneering software company whose goal was to empower restaurateurs, through the use of data, to elevate and enhance the guest experience. Today, his data gathering programs are used by such renown chefs as Danny Meyer, Tom Colicchio, Daniel Boulud, Guy Fieri, Giada De Laurentiis, Gordon Ramsay, and countless others.

Mogavero describes such restaurateurs as the New Guard, and their approach to their art and craft is radically different from that of their predecessors. By embracing data and adapting to the new trends of today’s demanding consumers, these innovative chefs and owners do everything more nimbly and efficiently—from the recipes they create to the wines and craft beers they stock, from the presentations they choreograph to the customized training they give their servers, making restaurants more popular and profitable than ever before.

Finally, Damian takes readers behind the scenes of his annual, invitation-only culinary tour for top chefs and industry CEOs, showing us how today’s elite restaurants embrace new trends to create unforgettable meals and transform how we eat. From the glittering nightclubs of Las Vegas to a packed seasonal restaurant on the Long Island Sound, from Brennan’s storied, family-run New Orleans dynasty to today’s high-stakes celebrity chef palaces, The Underground Culinary Tour takes readers on an epicurean adventure they won’t soon forget.

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