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Andra Zaharia (Freelance Content Marketer/The Content Habit)

These books and their core ideas have stuck with me the most and continue to guide me when I hit crossroads along the way.

Ashley Hathaway (Enterprise Product Manager)

My old boss gave everyone What To Do When It’s Your Turn. Just looking at that book makes me motivated now.

Jessica Lauria (Co-Founder/By Karen and Jess)

This book is my professional bible and my key management tool. It dives into our human instinct to make excuses, settle for less and complain about why we haven’t achieved success. But the main idea always rings true – that it is up to us to make change - For others and for ourselves. Nothing is stopping you but you. It’s a reminder of the awesome power of now, the power of positivity and just simple the power of showing up and moving forward. I have used it in every management review I give because Seth uses incredible insights to uncover our insecurities and provides clear actions on how to move beyond our immediate issues. It’s an inspirational book that is also a step by step guide to keep you motivated.

Amazon description

I THINK WE'RE WASTING THE CHANCE OF A LIFETIME.This is an urgent call to do the work we're hiding from, a manifesto about living with things that might not work and embracing tension when doing your art.

The book:

  • Is in full color throughout. It feels more like a high-end magazine than a book, and I think even people who hesitate to buy and read books will be engaged by this one.
  • The format is new for me and as far as I know, no author has written a book quite this way.
  • It pushes us to dig deep inside so we can do better work and impact the things we care about.
  • Is urgent, personal, in-your-face and as honest as I could make it.

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