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Jun 14, 2018 | Posted by Theo in Articles

The Power-Up is the best way stay up to date on the gaming industry news. Click here to find out why!

As I was putting together our list of books that empower and inspire women entrepreneurs, I remembered all the amazing women we’ve had the honor to interview since last autumn, when The CEO Library was launched.

From coders to content strategists, excellent designers and writers, each book talk showed us that women entrepreneurs can be unstoppable as well. Even when faced with impostor syndrome, self-doubt and fear, these women built extraordinary businesses and disrupted the male-dominated entrepreneurship pattern.

Entrepreneurial power knows no gender limits and the interviews below will prove you that. This round-up is where you can find the interviews we’ve gathered with inspiring women entrepreneurs over the past year, together with a brief description for each and links to the whole interviews.

Each book talk is nothing short of motivational, because every one of these women attached books to their memories, their learning and their aspirations. Every interview is a life and/or business lesson, all built on the same foundation: reading.

Leah Lizarondo
Leah Lizarondo is the co-founder and CEO of 412 Food Rescue, an organization who fights to end food waste and hunger through technology (and also one of the fastest-growing food recovery organizations in the U.S.).

Discover the books that inspired Leah towards sustainability and social enterprise, make a difference in food policy and make the world a better place. Read the interview here.

Andrea Loubier
Andrea Loubier is CEO and co-founder of Mailbird, one of the most popular email software clients for Windows, that completely redesigns email experience, by unifying information management.

Being one of Asia’s most powerful women entrepreneurs, Andrea’s interview is a must-read, as she talks about the books that empowered her to think big, lessons learned from those books and how she applied them in her own business. Read the interview here.

Alison Alvarez
Alison Alvarez is the CEO and co-founder of BlastPoint, a company that makes big data affordable and accessible through map interactions. She’s also an advisory board member of Y-Combinator backed Valor Water, where she guides tech infrastructure and software team-building.

Alison shared the books that led her towards computer science and talks about how literature leads to empathy and, eventually, building a better company. Read the interview here.

Audrey Russo
Audrey Russo is the President and CEO of the Pittsburgh Technology Council, an organization that connects new businesses with capital sources and helps them grow.

Audrey’s interview provides a generous list of tech business read for both men and women that want to strive in this industry. Read the interview here.

Irina Nica
Irina Nica is a Senior Marketing Manager at HubSpot, the world’s leading inbound marketing and sales platform.

Irina’s book-talk is an inspiration to every independent woman that wants to discover a wide array of books on topics like feminism, strategy, marketing and copywriting. Read the interview here.

Ella Zheng
Ella Zheng is a multiple award-winning graphic and fashion designer, Art Director and co-founder of The Workbench, a Singapore-based graphic design studio.

Ella’s interview is a breath of fresh air for every creative person out there, as she talks a lot about the mangas, zines and, of course, books that can help them become a think-outside-the-box designer. Read the interview here.

Andra Zaharia
Andra Zaharia is the Marketing & Communications Manager at CyberGhost, one of the most used VPN providers in the world, and an altMBA alumnus.

Andra is a bookaholic and shared the reads that inspired her on a path to self-learning and self-improvement. Most of the books she recommends are related to understanding human nature, and not directly about digital marketing. Read the interview here.

Angela Pham
Angela Pham is as a Content Strategist at Facebook and has been working as a content writer and content consultant for a decade.

Angela shared with everyone her favorite business book, those that can be reassuring when you have no confidence in yourself, but also the read that made her a fan of the biggest social network in the world. Read the interview here.

Alina Vârlănuță
Alina Vârlănuță makes a living out of writing. She’s an author and a copywriter with over a decade of experience in advertising.

Alina gave us a list of very unique reads, meant to inspire anyone with a passion for writing, and also shared her mental process for deciding what to read next (or not to). Read the interview here.

Denise Morris Kipnis
Denise Morris Kipnis the the founder and principal of ChangeFlow Consulting, an organization development firm specializing in change and inclusion.

Talking to Denise, we discovered more about her learning path and how books pushed her to ask important questions and find the right answers. Read the interview here.

Sonia Micu
Sonia Micu is the founder of NALU, a Romanian modern lingerie brand that focuses on minimalist design and is distributed across the world. Before starting her own company, Sonia worked for The Coca-Cola Company, climbing up the corporate ladder for almost a decade.

In this interview, Sonia shares her strong beliefs against business books, her love for biographies, philosophy and more. Read the interview here.

AnneMarie Schindler
AnneMarie Rickes Schindler is the founder of Small Wins Consulting, a company that helps non-profit organizations deliver financial results. AnneMarie also owns two CrossFit gyms in Texas.

AnneMarie shared the books that sharped her core values, but also those that helped her overcome difficult turning points in her managerial life. Read the interview here.

Catrinel Hagivreta
Catrinel Hagivreta is the co-Founder and CEO of MEDIjobs, a Romanian platform for smart medical recruitment.

Catrinel provided us with her lists of go-to books, so everyone can learn how to hire the best people and make the most important investment (in your own education). Read the interview here.

Irina Botnari
Irina Botnari is the Managing Partner and co-founder of Bucur’s Shelter Hostel, the first traditional Romanian hostel located in the heart of its capital, Bucharest.

Irina is very fond of the books she read – especially biographies – and shared with us the very best ones (even when it’s so hard to pick favorites). Read the interview here.

Magda Marcu
Magda Marcu is the co-founder and COO of Sailo, a boat rental marketplace (or, as it’s also called, the AirBnb for boat rentals), and also a TED talks translator.

Magda’s interview is a valuable source of books for those who are at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey. Read the interview here.

Bogdana Butnar
Bogdana Butnar is the Head of Strategy at Poke, a digital agency based in London. Prior to this, Bogdana worked as an Industry Manager at Google Romania.

Bogdana is a certified book lover, so our book-talk revealed her favorite authors and an extensive list of marketing and branding books. Read the interview here.

Dr. Monali Y. Desai
Dr. Monali Y. Desai is a quadruple board certified cardiologist and founder of If We Were Family, a platform that helps people learn how to lose weight and steer clear of potential heart diseases.

Dr. Monali shared the nutrition books she’d recommend, healthy eating myths, but also those that taught her about personal finance and investing. Read the interview here.

Raluca Radu
Raluca Radu is a key contributor to the education and nurturing of Romania’s e-commerce industry, a co-organiser of GPeC since 2012 (the biggest Romanian e-commerce event), and owner of MTH Digital, a marketing agency specialized in e-commerce.

Raluca has a lot of digital marketing and e-commerce books to share, reads that inspired her to build her own business and improve her management and leadership skills. Read the interview here.

Cristina Riesen
Cristina Riesen is a Switzerland-based social entrepreneur, founder of We Are Play Lab, a non-profit organization that accelerates change in education and prepare children for the future demands.

Cristina had a hard time picking her favorite books, but she did share with The CEO Library her list of inspiring reads. Read the interview here.

Kimberly Gloria Choi
Kimberly Gloria Choi is a graphic designer and illustrator, founder of MarchBaby Collective, a company that designs and produces temporary tattoos and body art.

Kimberly’s reading list is dedicated to everyone who wants to learn more about creativity, design, branding and art. Read the interview here.

Ng Rong Xin
Ng Rong Xin is the CEO of Explorer Junior, a Singaporean startup specialized in experiential learning for young children.

Rong Xin talked to The CEO Library about the books that gave her knowledge and emotional support on her business journey. Read the interview here.

Chelsea Frank
Chelsea Frank is a former prosthetist / orthoist, founder of Life and Limb Gel, a company that offers hot and cold gel packs for different ailments and budgets.

Chelsea is very passionate when talking about her favorite books and she motivated her attachment to each one in her interview for The CEO Library. Read the interview here.

Nadia Al Sheikh
Nadia Al Sheikh is the Founder and CEO of Deal’n, a platform that empowers members of the community to earn an income and grow to their full potential.

Nadia told us about how her parents taught her to love books and how reading turned from a childhood passion into a way of molding personalities. Read the interview here.

Cat Williams-Treloar
Cat Williams-Treloar is the founder of Humanisation, a marketing consultancy business focused on humanising startups.

In her interview, Cat talks about her favorite marketing books, but also gives some business book recommendations and sci-fi reads. Read the interview here.

Ee Ling Lim
Ee Ling Lim is the founder and CEO of Smarter Me, a Singaporean education platform that supports children in finding their true passion.

Ee Ling shared her favorite book-learning and taught us that the right books can massively change the way you think. Read the interview here.

Meenakshi Sharma
Meenakshi Sharma is the founder of DateFyx, a Singaporean platform that provides couples with fun and exciting new ways to spend their date nights.

Meenakshi gave us a list of books that she believes can inspire every woman who wants to become an entrepreneur. Read the interview here.

Jessica Lauria and Karen Pfaff Manganillo
Jessica Lauria and Karen Pfaff Manganillo are the Founders of By Karen and Jess, creators of Another F*cking Tote (and other things that people will never have too many).

Since Jessica is a marketing executive and Karen is a freelance designer, their interview covers a whole variety of books for people who are interested in learning more about each of these two worlds. Read the interview here.

Armina Sîrbu
Armina Sîrbu is the co-founder of several businesses, a trainer, business consultant and mentor.

Armina’s interview is a personal journey filled with books that led to curiosity, developing new skills and understanding the world around her. Read the interview here.

Theresa Evanoff
Theresa Evanoff is the founder of Gift-It-Forward, a Singapore-based startup that integrates charitable components in regular celebrations in people’s lives.

Theresa talked to The CEO Library about her need to be a perfectionist and how books helped her grown and learn. Read the interview here.

Sha-En Yeo
Sha-En Yeo is a coach, trainer and authro, founder of Positive Education School, an education platform that provides positive psychology tools for both parents and teachers.

Because of her passion for education, Sha-En shared a list of reads about success, positive thinking, optimism and embracing failure. Read the interview here.

Mădălina Uceanu
With 23+ years of experience in the Romanian human resources market, Mădălina Uceanu is one of the key players in Romania in executive recruitment, HR consulting, and career counseling, founder of Career Advisor HR company and a career coach.

Mădălina talked about the books that she’d recommend to those who want to follow a career path related to HR. Read the interview here.

Lilian Ong
Lilian Ong is an author and founder of Class Living, a company that supports people with special needs by helping them achieve financial independence.

In her interview for The CEO Library, Lilian talks about books, her personal battle with depression, fear and self-doubt, and how she advises others to overcome life’s barriers. Read the interview here.

Kaci Lambe Kai
Kaci Lambe Kai is a writer and photographer, with knowledge and experience in web designing, and an altMBA coach.

Kaci’s insightful interview is all about what she believes are the most important books for future leaders, but also about the reads that inspired her to leap into the world of poetry. Read the interview here.

Julia Enthoven
Julia Enthoven is the co-founder of Kapwing, an online tool for short-form video editing, and a former product manager at Google.

Julia often turned to books for business wisdom, life advice and personal motivation and she told The CEO Library all about it. Read the interview here.

Sanja Zepan
Sanja Zepan is the co-founder of Homey, a mobile app that enables parents to teach kids financial responsibilities through daily activities and chores.

Books are what inspired Sanja to study media and communicology, but were also the instruments that shaped her current career path. Read the interview here.

Ashley Hathaway
Ashley Hathaway is a Senior Product Manager at Pivotal, a software and services company that transforms how the world builds software. She was previously a Product Manager for the IBM Watson Developer Cloud.

Ashley shared the story of her relationship with books, how they inspired her to trust her instincts and improve her working process. Read the interview here.

Tracy Osborn
Tracy Osborn is a designer, developer, author and Founder of WeddingLovely, an online marketplace for wedding vendors, but also a wedding planning app. She’s the creator of Hello Web App, a self-published series of books that help designers learn how to code and build the own startup.

Tracy talked about the books she rereads to remind her of why she chose to become an entrepreneur, but also talked about the ones that provided invaluable life lessons. Read the interview here.

Patricia Reed
Patricia Reed is a Technology Growth Leader and Mentor, consultant and coach, currently based in Singapore, and also volunteers her time to be a mentor at Female Founders organization.

Patricia talks about the books that led her through a process of introspection and self-improvement. Read the interview here.

Catherine Molloy
Catherine Molloy is an Australian communication expert, speaker and trainer, Managing Director of Auspac Business Advantage, a soft skill training company that provides professional and business development education.

Catherine talks about her love for reading, the writers that inspired her the most and how communicating with yourself is a leadership trait. Read the interview here.

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